What would be in your Decorative Items Catalog?

2020 2020 Content Studio, PCS

Picture cluster blue As you will have seen, there’s a brand new ‘Decorative Items’ catalog available to you from 2020 Cloud. At launch, the catalog contains over 470 items which are available to all customers using 2020 Cloud, allowing you to add a wide variety of 3D models to dress your customers’ spaces using 2020 Design and 2020 Fusion.

But now it’s your turn! We want to hear from you about additional items that you would like to see included. When considering your suggestions, remember that the Decorative Items Catalog is for non-manufacturer specific items and non-sale items.

Log in to the community forum and locate the Decorative Item Suggestions post at the top of your product forum. Let us know what you want & why you’d like it.


You can also include a link/URL to an online image if you’d like to.


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