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Welcome to 2020 Fusion Support

Whether by email, phone or live chat, 2020 offers exceptional support services for all of its customers on the Maintenance and Support plans.

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Why do you need Support?

Being on support gives you unlimited access to an entire team of 2020 Fusion support representatives, who are dedicated to supporting 2020 Fusion specifically.


  • Fusion support team operates 9:00 – 18:00 London (GMT +1:00) Monday – Friday
  • Access our Email and Online support services
  • Virtual on-site support via the internet allows a support technician to remotely connect to your system and quickly resolve your issue.


We’re always adding productivity-boosting features to our products.

Having a supported 2020 Fusion license automatically gets you the latest updates, hotfixes and versions for Free. It’s that simple!

Having a supported license gives you fast, direct access to the 2020 catalogue servers.This allows 2020 Fusion to automatically check for available catalogue updates on-line.

Why keep catalogues up to date?


  • Enjoy the latest manufacturer items.
  • Ensure that manufacturer pricing is up to date and valid.
  • Benefit from stability and performance improvements thanks to regular maintenance releases.
  • Generate even better photo realistic renderings with improved item materials, thanks to regular enhancements.


Protecting Your Investment
We all need help sometimes and usually need it in a hurry!


  • 95% of all the questions raised through our support team are resolved on the spot.
  • Questions are answered by a support team with over 2 years of collective experience.
  • Whenever we can, we commit to resolving any reported issues immediately.
  • Supported users receive updates to registered Applications and Manufacturers Catalogues ensuring that your system is always up to date.


Peace Of Mind
Knowing that you are being looked after every step of the way – from absolute beginner through to advanced user.

Our Promise
We will provide you with the following:


  • A telephone support help line, available between 9:00 and 18:00 (GMT) Monday to Friday except on English Bank Holidays.
  • Contact via e-mail and the Fusion Site during UK business hours.
  • Advice to help you resolve any problems arising from the use of the registered software supplied to you by 2020.
  • Our best endeavors to provide an initial response to your request for help within the same working day of receiving it.
  • Product upgrades to your registered Fusion software including manufacturer data files as they become available.
  • If the issue is caused by the registered software or its associated documentation, we will provide one or more of the following:
  • An amendment to the software.
  • A new release incorporating a modification.
  • A temporary solution that will allow you to bypass the issue.
  • A revision to the documentation.


Special Training Benefits


  • Get preferential access to our full range of discounted training services.
  • Opportunity to attend regional seminars in which hints, tips and previews of new features are discussed. (Normally at least two per year.)
  • Opportunity to attend online training courses.
  • Subsidized rates for consultancy services.


What’s new?

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2020 Fusion Gold Training
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