Increase in Cloud-Based Technology in Manufacturing & Retail

Why There’s an Increase in Cloud-Based Technology in Manufacturing & Retail

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Increase in cloud-based technology in manufacturing and retail

Businesses in a wide range of industries are switching to cloud-based technology. In fact, by 2025, 85% of enterprises will have a cloud-first principle, according to a study conducted by Gartner.

So what is so appealing about making the switch to cloud-based systems?

There are several key benefits that come with using cloud-based technology over traditional on-premises systems. Keep reading to learn more about why cloud-based technology is becoming more popular in the manufacturing and retail industries.

Immense cost savings

With on-premises infrastructure, companies have to front the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading hardware and software. With cloud-based solutions, these costs are spread out over time and often include features such as automatic updates that would be an additional expense with on-premises solutions. In addition, businesses don’t necessarily have to staff in-house IT teams to manage complex systems since this is handled by the cloud service provider.

Ability to scale your business

One of the main reasons companies are increasingly using cloud-based technology is due to the scalability it offers. With on-premises systems, businesses have to forecast their future needs and then make a large upfront investment to accommodate those projected requirements. This often leads to overspending, as businesses inevitably end up with more capacity than they need. With cloud-based solutions, companies only pay for the resources they use, making it much easier to scale up or down as needed.

Easier accessibility & up-to-date information

With a cloud-based solution, users can access information and products effortlessly through a centralized location as long as they are connected to the internet. Unlike an on-premises solution where information is often outdated and difficult to change, cloud solutions make it easy for manufacturers and retailers to update their product information in real-time. This way, anyone wanting to make a purchase will have access to accurate pricing and specifications.

Added security

Despite popular belief, cloud-based systems are often more secure than on-premises solutions. This is because cloud service providers invest heavily in security and have teams of experts dedicated to keeping data safe. In addition, cloud-based systems are updated regularly with the latest security features, so businesses can be confident their data is always well-protected.

Increased flexibility

Finally, businesses that use cloud-based solutions are much more flexible than those that rely on on-premises systems. With cloud-based technology, companies can quickly add or remove users as needed and easily scale up or down to meet changing needs. This flexibility is one of the main reasons businesses are making the switch to cloud-based systems.


There are many reasons why companies are increasingly using cloud-based technology in the manufacturing and retail industries. Some of the key benefits include cost savings, the ability to scale your business, added security, easier accessibility and the ability to provide up-to-date information in real-time. If your business is considering switching to a cloud-based solution, allow 2020 solutions to help you.

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