Coworking Space Design Tips That Foster Success

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Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular, especially during the post-pandemic era. In 2019, there were roughly 19,000 coworking offices around the world. While mandated lockdowns slowed down their growth in 2020, coworking spaces are projected to reach all-time highs 2021 onwards, with an estimated 42,000 by 2024. Many …

[eBook] How to Choose the Best Interior Design Software For Your Business

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If you’re a professional designer with a growing business, you need an interior design software you can depend on. Free or limited solutions may lack the functionality you need to deliver high-quality designs, especially if you mainly design kitchens and bathrooms. Investing in a professional interior design software can help …

Delivering an Omnichannel Buying Experience

[eBook] Delivering an Omnichannel Buying Experience

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One of the major challenges retailers face when selling home redesign products and services is they have no way of showing consumers a physical representation of their project or their eventual purchases. Uncertainty can cause many buyers to delay contract signing, or to not sign at all. Consumers can quickly get stuck …

10 Interior Design Skills to Run a Successful Business

10 Interior Design Skills to Run a Successful Business

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Interior design isn’t only about decorating a space. It’s about creating an environment that aligns with your client’s wants and needs, all while ensuring functionality, harmony, and beauty. In order to achieve a look and feel that will make the space you design a joy to live in, all while …

Designing an outdoor office

Outdoor Office Space Design – How to Make it Work

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Fresh air is good for you. We all know this – it’s an uncontested truth. Yet we spend most of our days indoors, often in poorly ventilated offices, and for the past year, in our own homes due to the pandemic.  Sure, installing air purifiers around the home or investing …

Retail trends 2021

Retail Trends 2021 – The Future of Furniture Shopping

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Retail trends for 2021 and beyond will continue to focus on digital transformation and an omnichannel shopping experience. For anyone who has yet to enter the digital age, online consumer engagement is something to immediately become familiar with. At the beginning of a new decade, omnichannel retail continues its statistical skyward flight. Online shoppers crave an interactive experience with …

Successfully Navigating the Post-Pandemic Retail Environment

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Retail has been a scary place for the last year.   Brick and mortar locations were hit particularly hard by lockdown restrictions. Harrods saw 80,000 visitors in an average day before the pandemic. That number soon dropped to 4,500 visitors, a 95% reduction in footfall. This made a huge impact on their revenue, which fell further …

how to build a strong interior design brand

How to Build A Strong Interior Design Brand

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Building an interior design brand for your business is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success.  Think of a brand as you would a personality. If you meet someone who is boring and who doesn’t leave a lasting impression on you, chances are you won’t want to interact with them in …

Kitchen Trends 2021

Kitchen Trends 2021 – A New Birth of Beauty

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Kitchen trends for 2021 include a variety of uplifting themes to showcase creativity, the beauty of the home, and what we love so much about being interior designers. We are all of us searching for optimism in this new year of 2021. A glimmer of hope, the brightness of a …