Connect the pieces with 2020

Do You Have All the Pieces in Place to Close Business Faster?

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Connect the pieces with 2020

You are an avid 2020 Cap or 2020 Giza user. You have created stunning and inspirational office designs for all your customers. Your designs highlight the latest office trends and encourage productivity in the workplace. Now what? How do you show off your designs? How do you create detailed reports highlighting all the costs for your customers? Do you have all the pieces in place to sell your designs?

2020 Visual Impression – Creating the wow factor!

With 2020 Visual Impression, creating 3D presentations with actual office furniture fabrics and finishes from a vast selection of manufacturer catalogs has never been so easy! Learn how 2020 Visual Impression can help you close more deals by requesting a live online demonstration, today!

Don’t take our word for it? Check out the gallery for the Inspiration Awards for Office Designers. Designers from across North America submitted their most inspiring office designs using 2020 Visual Impression.

2020 Worksheet – A key element in your selling process!

2020 Worksheet is great for sales people, order admin personnel, or anyone who needs access to quickly create quotes, look up pricing and create reports. 2020 Worksheet offers individuals up to date pricing, the ability to create specifications for manufacturer’s furniture and avoids users having to carry around large catalogs. Learn how 2020 Worksheet can help you beat out the competition by requesting a live online demonstration, today.

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