Ewald Schillig CombiPlus Furniture

German Furniture Manufacturers to Implement 2020 Insight

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Ewald Schillig CombiPlus Furniture

CombiPlus – The revolutionary furniture system of Ewald Schillig.

Ewald Schillig, an upholstered furniture specialist, and Machalke Polsterwerkstätten, a custom order quality furniture provider, have selected 2020 solutions to complement and streamline their manufacturing operations.

For the owner led company Ewald Schillig from Oberfranken, which, in its own words, is dedicated to excellent production quality and outstanding design, the most important reason for choosing 2020 manufacturing solutions was their vast know-how of the industry. Schillig CEO, Carsten Henning, stated, “The complex production processes in the upholstery manufacturing requires a high industry expertise from the software provider to ensure that our processes are displayed correctly and in an efficient way. 2020 convinced us not only that 2020 Insight shows that it’s created for meeting the needs of the furniture industry, but also their employees’ knowledge and experience of this industry is impressive.” Apart from optimizing the current processes the implementation of 2020 Insight is intended to support the Schillig´s pending expansion to foreign countries.

Right from the beginning, Machalke Polsterwerkstätten has been known for the extremely high standards of quality it sets for its own products. As a manufacturer of quality furniture “made in Germany since 1976”, Machalke redefines the industry’s standards all the time. With approximately 40 users, Machalke Polsterwerkstätten will also benefit from 2020 manufacturing operations management solutions. The Prevent group, who owned the company recently, has selected 2020 as a strategic partner in their furniture segment and has already initiated the implementation of 2020 Insight manufacturing operations management.

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