The Impact of Inaccurate Orders in the Home Improvement Industry

The Impact of Inaccurate Orders in the Home Improvement Industry (and How to Reduce Them)

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Manufacturers and retailers spend a significant amount of time, resources and money ensuring orders are accurate and correcting those that aren’t. Inaccurate orders can damage reputations and lower customer trust, ultimately making it more difficult to retain existing customers and attract new ones. With the prevalence of social media and …

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Catalogue update by Sigma – Masterclass Kitchens


Sigma is a family-run business with a passion for making amazing kitchens. They have a 60,000 sq. ft, state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly factory that makes 1,500 cabinets a week. The update to Sigma Masterclass is now available to download and includes: New range – Solva Natural Oak New colours – Sutton Silk …

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New catalogue by Trade Moulding


Trade Mouldings has over 40 years manufacturing experience in the furniture industry. The factory has the very latest production machinery and they are constantly investing in new technology. Trade Mouldings Limited manufactures mostly (but not exclusively) for the cabinet furniture market and can produce by arrangement to customers’ specific requirements. …

Ewald Schillig CombiPlus Furniture

German Furniture Manufacturers to Implement 2020 Insight

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CombiPlus – The revolutionary furniture system of Ewald Schillig. Ewald Schillig, an upholstered furniture specialist, and Machalke Polsterwerkstätten, a custom order quality furniture provider, have selected 2020 solutions to complement and streamline their manufacturing operations. For the owner led company Ewald Schillig from Oberfranken, which, in its own words, is …

2020 Customer Superior Cabinets

2020 Customer Superior Cabinets Continues to Reap Rewards of Bold Changes

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Superior Cabinets is one of Western Canada’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of dream kitchens with a long-held and well-earned reputation for fine quality products, outstanding customer service and dedication to employee success. Despite the economic downturn a few years ago, Superior Cabinets, a recent recipient of the 2014 BDC Entrepreneurial …

Indiana Furniture

Indiana Furniture: Running Specials with 2020 Insight Manufacturing Solutions

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For over 110 years, Indiana Furniture has been making quality furniture in the American heartland. Known for their customer service, reliability and quality products, they recently transformed their business to be able to respond quickly to consumer demands for special requests. “Today, people want to buy furniture their way,” said …