Keeping your Kitchen Organized with These Back-to-School Tips

Keeping your Kitchen Organized with These Back-to-School Tips

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It’s no surprise that the kitchen tends to be the central place where most families congregate, so why not create an environment that is conducive to their lifestyle. Staying one-step ahead starts with proper planning and organization. With back-to-school and fall weather approaching, here are some tips to help keep your and your clients’ kitchen organized.

Clean out the pantry
Kitchen organization starts with cleaning out the pantry. Before restocking a pantry with newly organized supplies, make sure that the space is clean. Get rid of the items that are never used. Get rid of old food. Wipe down the shelves with a warm, damp towel and dry completely. Start fresh. (Also don’t forget about lights! It’s not easy to rummage around a pantry if you can’t see what you’re looking for! 2020 Design Lighting Wizard is a great tool that helps Interior Designers easily map out accent lighting within their new spaces, including the pantry.

Supplies: Being one-step-ahead is the name of the game and it all starts with proper organization and planning. Having a drawer, a cabinet or a space dedicated to store necessary supplies, such as lunch bags, Ziplocs, napkins, disposable utensils and Tupperware is an important factor in kitchen storage. Keeping everything in a designated drawer is a great way, to know exactly where to go to make those lunches and keep a kitchen clean.
Clean out the pantry

Snack Station: Having a system to keep snacks organized and easily accessible is very important to not only staying sane, but for keeping a kitchen and pantry in check. Whether it’s pre-portioned snacks kept in Tupperware, or snack containers kept in the fridge, these ideas will give less of a mess and most importantly, less stress! Clear a space on a shelf that is low enough for kiddos to reach and figure out a system to keep the snacks in a plastic bin so that children can help themselves.

When designing your client’s new space, it’s important to gather as much information on their lifestyle as possible. This insight will help you plan the different kitchen layouts, kitchen cabinets and work stations needed to keep your client organized year round. 2020 offers a vast selection of manufacturer catalogs for 2020 Design, including accessories such as drawer pullouts to make it easier to find what you are looking for and reduce the mess caused by searching.

Get a kitchen clock and a dry erase/chalk board. Use the board for a number of things – an inspirational quote, today’s menu, upcoming events. Kids (and maybe you) will get excited to see it each day. Add all these details in 2020 Design using the decorative catalog which can be accessed via 2020 Cloud in version 11.4 or higher. Or add an item from Sketch Up!

Command Station
Consider creating a command center in your kitchen design – a place that is pretty central (think nook, corner or centrally located home office). This is where your client will keep the mail, charge their devices, keep a laptop, calendar, etc. Make it a pleasant space that they will enjoy going to. Make it organized so that don’t have papers piling up (use basic storage systems, boxes, and file trays). For inspiration, check out “How to Organize the Family Command Center.”

Smart Storage
You’re client needs to make the most of what they’ve got. So, why not utilize some smart storage ideas to help them do so.
Here are some ideas from
• Store cutting boards in a basket
• Upcycle wooden boxes (like old champagne cases) and use them to store kitchen accessories
• Get creative with cabinets
• Take advantage of unused office supplies
• Swivel Stools help free up floor space
• Hide clutter behind close doors (if they can’t see it, neither can you!)
• Containers, Containers, Containers
• Create a “cleaning corner”
• Undercover Containers – use under-shelf storage basket and fill with overflow items
Smart StorageSmart Storage

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