New Releases and Updates to 2020 Office Catalogs – August 2017

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New Releases and Updates to 2020 Office Catalogs – August 2017

We are pleased to announce the following NEW 2020 Office catalogs from our 2020 Accredited Manufacturers. The Accredited Manufacturer logo shows your catalogs have been validated by 2020 Verification Services and your Certified content meets the highest level of quality expected by user.


We are pleased to add Claridge Product catalog to our 2020 Office software. Claridge is a U.S. manufacturer of glass and porcelain writing surfaces delivering “best in class” product solutions, including: marker boards & marker walls, mobile boards, space creators, tack boards & tack walls, vertical & horizontal sliders, display cases and a wide array of accessories. Learn more about Claridge.

Exact Mats

Bring more value to your clients with a distinctive solution; one that shows you care about safeguarding their investment as much as they do. As an authorized ExactMats® designer partner, you’ll fortify your reputation as a trusted advisor and improve profits. Imagine how pleased your clients will be to beautifully protect the furniture, cabinetry and other items you carefully chose together. Offer peace of mind from everyday damage like scratches, dents, stains and waterspots with the long-term protection ExactMats® provides. Learn more about Exact Mats.

Fleetwood Group

Fleetwood Group is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing furniture for every area of today’s schools incorporating quality design, materials and craftsmanship. 2020 is pleased to feature Fleetwood’s 2020 Office software catalog content. Learn more about Fleetwood Group.


Innovative has been a leader in designing and manufacturing ergonomic, space-saving monitor arms and mounts for flat panel monitors, notebooks, and tablets. We are pleased to add this new manufacturer to our catalog content for 2020 Office software. Learn more about Innovative.



2020 is pleased to announce a new Staples product catalog for 2020 Office software. In it you will find a variety of professional series task chairs and filing cabinets and pedestal storage units. Staples helps business customers make more happen by providing a broad assortment of products, expanded business services and easy ways to shop – in stores, online via mobile or through social apps. Learn more about Staples.

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