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Visualization, simplified with 2020 Visual Impression

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Visualization, simplified “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci 2020 Visual Impression provides a way to help your clients understand your design solutions with the fastest, easiest and most affordable approach. Office space planning does not need to be complicated. As technology evolves and marketplace pressure increases, customer …

The Post-Pandemic Office – Designing the Future

The Post-Pandemic Office – Designing the Future

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As many countries begin to reopen after weeks of shelter-in-place orders, what can we expect for the future of office design and what will the post-pandemic office space look like? The post-pandemic office space is an inevitable reality. For those of us in the business of office design, the past …

Build your business with 2020 Office

Build your business with 2020 Office

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Your path to success is with 2020 Office Get ready to learn about the new 2020 Worksheet capabilities and take another look at our newest product, 2020 Cap Complete, with our latest release! Our 2020 Office applications are the industry-leading office space planning solution. Come discover how 2020 Office can …

2020 Cap Complete Space Planning for Office Designers

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2020 Office Webinar2020 Cap Complete is a new, all-in-one space planning application for office designers. It combines the current drawing and space planning functionality available in 2020 Cap with an integrated CAD system. 2020 Cap Complete offers all the features and catalogs that office designers need- with no hidden costs! …

The Color Journey – How to Bring Color to Life

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The color journeyHow to bring color to lifePresented byWatch Now Eligible for NARI & NKBA CEU credits* Every design consists of a multitude of colors, shades and tones. Which palette pleases your customer’s eye? In this special three-part series hosted by Michelle Kruszewski from  X-Rite Pantone, discover secrets behind the …