Social Media Marketing Tips for Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Dealers

3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Dealers

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3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Dealers

Using social media to promote your kitchen and bath cabinet business is a smart way to generate leads and close more sales. But which social media platforms should you be focusing on? And what type of content should you be posting?  

You’ll be able to determine the platforms that are suitable for your business by doing some research on your competitors. A quick visit to their websites will show you which social channels they are active on, and you can browse their social pages to see which ones are getting the most engagement (comments, likes, etc.). Once you’ve done your research and you’ve determined which social channels to focus on, you can start preparing your social media marketing strategy. 

Here are 3 social media marketing tips for kitchen and bath cabinet dealers that will generate leads and close more sales. 

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1. Create relevant content

Create relevant content

Posting relevant content on your social media accounts is the best way to attract readers and potential clients. Being a kitchen and bath cabinet dealer means that your audience is looking for proof that your business can provide them with beautiful cabinets that are within their budget.  

When you are creating content for your social channels, always keep these social media marketing tips in mind:

  • Craft relevant content that applies to your customers’ needs – your audience is on your page to sample your services & products 
  • Share articles that are specific to the kitchen & bath industry 
  • Share kitchen & bath renderings that showcase your cabinets 
  • Share images of completed projects 
  • Share any deals and promotions you are actively running
  • Share blog posts you have written for your website 

2. Encourage customer reviews

Encourage customer reviews

Research shows that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And of those online reviews, Yelp and Facebook are local consumers’ most trusted review sites. If you want to get more leads for your kitchen and bath cabinet business, you should encourage your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page.  

Here are key social media marketing tips to keep in mind when asking customers to review your business: 

  • Do not force them to leave a review; simply ask 
  • Send a follow-up email if you didn’t get a chance to ask them in person 
  • Always respond to your reviews, whether they be positive or negative 
  • Create case studies or customer spotlight stories with positive customer reviews
  • Include positive reviews on your website

3. Invest in targeted ads

Invest in targeted ads

Depending on the social media networks you’ve chosen, each of them have their own advertising options. But just because you’re active on four different social channels doesn’t mean you need to advertise on all of them. Pick the ones that are already performing well organically and focus on those channels. Generally speaking, Facebook would be your best bet, but do some research before spending your money on paid ads. 

Here’s why investing in social media ads is a good idea for your kitchen and bath cabinet business: 

  • Social media ads are affordable compared to other ads 
  • Social media ads are highly targeted to reach the right people 
  • You’ll have easy access to analytics and metrics to easily measure results 
  • On certain channels such as Facebook, you can boost individual posts to reach more people 

For more information on social media ads, check out Hootsuite’s guide on social media advertising. 

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