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Since its creation, ITM’s mission has been provide national and international service for the furniture industry, delivering solutions that cover every aspect of this market, from design to manufacturing and web-based point-of-sale solutions. ITM distributes a range of 2020 products within Spain. ITM delivers customized solutions to customers that range from …

Partner Spotlight: EVRY


2020 2020 Partners, Value Added Resellers

EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region and the distributor of a range of 2020 products for Norway and Sweden. Through ideas, technology and solutions, EVRY brings information to life, creating value for its customers and making a positive contribution to society. EVRY brings together …

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2020 2020 Design Live

Arhivis is an architectural visualization studio located in Slovenia, EU. They specialize in producing powerful 3D visualizations to facilitate the communication of campaigns, philosophies and objectives. Archivis is always pushing the envelope and inventing new technologies to generate photorealistic images of the highest quality. Archivis is a 2020 Design user …

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DB-Manager Oy

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Founded in 1984, DB-Manager Oy is a software company based in the Hermia Technology Centre in Tampere, Finland. It develops and markets software solutions that increase productivity and profitability, including enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management systems, planning tools and web-based solutions for e-business. DB-Manager Oy acts as the …