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2020 2020 Insight, 2020 Partners

RinQ, an international consulting company specializing in the implementation of projects to improve customer performance indicators, operates in close cooperation with the management of customer enterprises, guided by the corporate principles of customer management and taking into account its potential and organizational capabilities. RinQ activities are aimed at improving production results …

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2020 2020 Partners, 2020 Partners, 2020 Partners, 2020 Partners, 2020 Partners, 2020 Partners, 2020 Partners, 2020 Partners

日本語で読む YMM Co., Ltd specializes in importing and distributing North American home building materials, as well as with construction and maintenance. Since 2009, YMM has provided technical support and sales support for 2020 Design. YMM also creates local cabinet catalogs and domestic and international appliance catalogs. YMM delivers services that …

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Pontta Tecnologia – Brasil


With more than 10 years of experience in the furniture industry, Pontta has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise and developed an impressive portfolio of software solutions. 2020 and Pontta will provide a more complete offering to the Brasilian furniture market that includes 2020 products as well as solutions for store …

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Pro2040 is an official reseller of 2020 ShopWare products. Pro2040 is a consulting firm whose goal is to help you get the most from your manufacturing software. Pro2040 will help customers make the right choices when it comes to software selection and then guide you through the setup, training, implementation …

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Goose Holdings


Goose Holdings is an official reseller of 2020 ShopWare products. Goose Holdings provides software and implementation support for the ShopWare products suite from 2020. 2020 ShopWare products assists companies, small to medium in size, requiring a smart bill of material system with optimized panel cutting, labeling and links to most …

PPS – Produtos Perifericos e Sistemas Lda

PPS – Produtos Perifericos e Sistemas Lda

2020 2020 Fusion, 2020 Fusion, Value Added Resellers, Value Added Resellers, Value Added Resellers, Value Added Resellers, Value Added Resellers, Value Added Resellers, Value Added Resellers, Value Added Resellers, Value Added Resellers

Founded in 1992 in Oporto, Portugal, PPS – Produtos Perifericos e Sistemas Lda – is the Portuguese leader in interior design software distribution. In 1996, the company became the official distributor of 2020 Fusion software in its home country, supplying the software, manufacturing national catalogues and developing and dispensing training. …



2020 2020 Design Live, 2020 Design Live

For over 25 years, NCS Technological Solutions has been marketing CAD-CAM software for the  woodworking and metalworking industry. It specializes in manufacturing, including CNC, robotics and  more. The company acts as the distributor for 2020 products in Israel. 2020 Design has been translated to Hebrew and customized to reflect the …

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Maxima Software

2020 2020 Fusion

In operation since 2001, Maxima Software delivers design, sales and manufacturing solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and interior design industries in Southern Africa. It develops, distributes and supports some of the most innovative software solutions in the industry ― including 2020 solutions ― providing clients with the competitive edge they …

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2020 2020 Design Live, 2020 Virtual Planner

Since its creation, ITM’s mission has been provide national and international service for the furniture industry, delivering solutions that cover every aspect of this market, from design to manufacturing and web-based point-of-sale solutions. ITM distributes a range of 2020 products within Spain. ITM delivers customized solutions to customers that range from …