2020 Design Customer Spotlight: Hingham Lumber Company with Partner Saberis

2020 Design Customer Spotlight: Hingham Lumber Company with Partner Saberis

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“We have been using 2020 Design with SaberisConnect since 2018. The joint solution allows us to offer endless design options with prompt professional quotes that can easily be turned into Epicor’s BisTrack ERP system with just one click of the Saberis button. No more double entry! We recommend Saberis not …

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RinQ, an international consulting company specializing in the implementation of projects to improve customer performance indicators, operates in close cooperation with the management of customer enterprises, guided by the corporate principles of customer management and taking into account its potential and organizational capabilities. RinQ activities are aimed at improving production results …

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ETemplate Systems

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ETemplate Systems ETemplate Systems is a technology company that has been developing innovative measurement solutions for the construction industry for 15 years. ETemplate Systems has won 5 major international awards and has membership in 7 leading business Associations. The ELaser system by ETemplate is an industry leader in measuring job …



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For over 25 years, NCS Technological Solutions has been marketing CAD-CAM software for the  woodworking and metalworking industry. It specializes in manufacturing, including CNC, robotics and  more. The company acts as the distributor for 2020 products in Israel. 2020 Design has been translated to Hebrew and customized to reflect the …

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Since its creation, ITM’s mission has been provide national and international service for the furniture industry, delivering solutions that cover every aspect of this market, from design to manufacturing and web-based point-of-sale solutions. ITM distributes a range of 2020 products within Spain. ITM delivers customized solutions to customers that range from …



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Established in 1991, FAETON Ltd. is one of the largest Russian suppliers of imported machinery, technologies, tools and materials for woodworking, furniture production and wooden house construction. It acts as the Russian distributor for 2020 and offers software integration for furniture production, with solutions for retail operations, the shop floor …

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2020 2020 Design, 2020 Partners, 2020 Virtual Planner, Value Added Resellers

Arhivis is an architectural visualization studio located in Slovenia, EU. They specialize in producing powerful 3D visualizations to facilitate the communication of campaigns, philosophies and objectives. Archivis is always pushing the envelope and inventing new technologies to generate photorealistic images of the highest quality. Archivis is a 2020 Design user …