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imos AG

20202020 Partners, Technology

imos AG develops engineering solutions tailored for the wood products industry. Incorporating technology from imos AG, 2020’s manufacturing solutions allow customers to automate engineering for panel-based furniture products.Using an intuitive graphical interface, users define powerful rule-based models that allow the system to dynamically create manufacturing data, including bills of materials, …

2020 Partner UK

The Laminex Group

20202020 Partners, Value Added Resellers

The Laminex Group For over 15 years, New Zealand’s kitchen, bathroom and interior designers have been using 2020 Design as their software of choice, distributed by the Laminex Group. The software has developed a reputation of being easy to use and delivering high-quality photo-realistic presentations. The highly experienced team at …

International Kitchens, 2020 Value Added Reseller

International Kitchens

20202020 Partners, Value Added Resellers

International Kitchens International Kitchens designs, manufactures, markets and installs kitchens, closets and bathrooms, in addition to marketing appliances and counters for kitchens. It also delivers industry-leading software to its market and is the Mexican distributor for 2020 Design. Country: Mexico 2020 Products: 2020 Design

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Dispano S.A.

20202020 Partners, Value Added Resellers

Dispano Inc. is a software, raw materials, parts and finished goods supplier for the housing construction and wood processing industries in Colombia, South America, where it distributes 2020 Design. Its main activities are the production and installation of carpentry for the housing construction, systems furniture manufacturing, cabinet making and home …



20202020 Partners, Value Added Resellers

Aminfo Ltd. is a group of software companies that has been operating for over 20 years in the Latin American market. Aminfo has been distributing 2020 Design for over 15 years in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay. The company specializes in software for furniture and interior design, advising and …