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Cadsoft™ is a global BIM software developer for the residential and light commercial market. With one simple model, an initial design concept from a home owner can be shared and distributed throughout the entire home building process. Automation and the elimination of costly redesigns as the home advances through the process are just some of the benefits of the software.

Cadsoft™ is the developer of the popular HGTV Home and Garden™ software series that sells over 40,000 copies a year to homeowners starting a new home or renovation project. That initial 3D concept integrates with Cadsoft™ Envisioneer™ software used by designers, home builders, remodelers and building supply companies around the world as their professional tool to do 3D design, estimates, working drawings, rendering and walk-thru animation files for new home and residential remodels.

Cadsoft™ proudly integrates with 2020™, seamlessly sending the home design to 2020™ for kitchen cabinet layouts and then sent back to visualize in the entire home project in Cadsoft™ Envisioneer™. Cadsoft™ also integrates with structural packages: Weyerhauser, Mitek, CSI, Keymark and Simpson, as well as many POS systems for accounting and quoting purposes.

One simple model has the power to tie together the entire home from concept to the delivery truck arriving on site. “BIM For Everyone” by Cadsoft.

The benefits of Cadsoft Envisioneer and 2020

As I grew my own business, and started getting involved with larger projects that involved additions and kitchens, I searched for a program that would allow me to utilize both 2020 and an architectural drawing program and that is when I purchased Cadsoft’s Envisioneer.

To this day, it was the best decision I ever made. It is so easy to import my 2020 designs into my architectural drawings. The days of copying and pasting are over. One of the features that I love, is that you can import an architectural PDF into Envisioneer, draw all your walls by tracing over the PDF, and then import right into 2020! What a time saver. The fact is, with the capabilities of being able to import and export to and from both programs, I have not only very detailed and defined drawings, but done in a timely manner.

– Mark Tuleja, MTI Home Designs

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