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Ligna 2023

Introducing new end-to-end solution portfolio that maximizes the value of equipment investments

Cyncly, the new brand that helps make spaces amazing, announced today it will showcase the market’s first true end-to-end portfolio of manufacturing capabilities to LIGNA, the world’s premiere event for woodworking manufacturers. Cyncly’s portfolio of software for manufacturers, including from 2020, 3CAD, Go2B, Mozaik, and many more, helps businesses maximize their hardware investment by improving operating efficiency and responsiveness to fast-changing customer demands. The company’s range of integrated solutions, including VCPQ, ERP, MES, WMS and CAD/CAM, enable companies to streamline and accelerate the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

“I can’t think of a better venue for our first customer-facing appearance as Cyncly than LIGNA,” said Karl Fuchs, Prokurist, Senior Director Sales, Factory EMEA at Cyncly. “Our end-to-end solutions are a new development for the market. These solutions will make a real difference for manufacturers looking to optimize their processes and improve their flexibility. Leveraging the capabilities of our leading products including Insight, 3CAD and Mozaik, furniture manufacturers can make the most of their hardware investment to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.”

With its end-to-end software solutions, Cyncly helps manufacturers—as well as consumers, retail partners, and installers—make spaces amazing. Manufacturers gain a complete set of tools that are seamlessly integrated and easy to use, enabling them to optimize their production processes, streamline workflows, scale production efficiently, and reduce costs.

“The limiting factor to maximizing machine output is usually not your machines, but your ability to respond to the changing needs of the market, which highly is dependent on the flexibility of your processes,” said Andrea Gnoato, General Manager of Kitchen, Bathroom and Furniture (KBF) Manufacturing at Cyncly. “This is especially true for the era of customization, when lot size one is becoming the new normal. For manufacturers at every scale—small, medium, and large alike—if your processes do not supply your high-performance machines with information and material as it is needed, you lose productivity. That is why we're confident that our end-to-end offerings will be a game-changer for manufacturers looking to manage their production more efficiently and profitably.”

At the LIGNA booth F33 in hall 15, Cyncly will showcase how manufacturers can get the most value from their production investments by using the capabilities of modern, comprehensive industry specific software. Cyncly solutions provide productivity-enhancing capabilities for woodworking manufacturers including graphical order entry, production planning, shop floor execution, panel optimization, asset management, production control points, and other advanced MES capabilities. Cyncly is providing free event registration for everyone interested; register here to secure your passes.

People interested in optimizing production processes should also join Cyncly MES expert Jan Brockmann for his speech on the official LIGNA stage, “Factory of the Future: Excellent Production Processes in the Furniture and Woodworking Industry” on Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 2:00 pm.

In addition to on-site activities at LIGNA, Cyncly will offer virtual sessions where visitors learn how to optimize processes in production and gain experience with best practices to enhance productivity. These English-language sessions are ideal for manufacturers that cannot attend LIGNA in person,or want to take a closer look at solutions for specific use cases. Free registration is available here.

About Cyncly

Cyncly transforms the way customizable products and spaces are imagined, designed, sold, managed and made. Through its intuitive end-to-end software solutions, Cyncly connects professional designers, retailers and manufacturers to integrated management tools and the world’s largest catalog content hub. Cyncly solutions serve over 70,000 customers globally, helping to simplify communication, reduce errors, grow sales, increase efficiency and drive innovation—and helps make spaces amazing, every step of the way.

The Cyncly Group consists of the companies 2020, Compusoft, 3CAD, GO2B, Mozaik, M3B, Access IT, FeneTech, First Degree Systems, Focco, Promob, Soft Tech, RFMS and Virtual Worlds.

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