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Kiba Studios uses 2020 Ideal Spaces to generate qualified leads for their kitchen & bathroom design business

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Kiba Studios uses 2020 Ideal Spaces

2020, the world’s leading provider of applications and enterprise solutions dedicated to interior design, space planning and furniture manufacturing, is pleased to announce their partnership with Kiba Studios, an online and in-store kitchen and bathroom design business.

Kiba Studios, a division of CCA Global Partners, combines the convenience of starting a kitchen or bathroom remodel online and finalizing the project in store with professional design and product experts. They offer all K&B products to ensure the customer will find everything to complete their project. A Kiba Studio is in an established flooring store and includes flooring, tile, a range of cabinetry from entry level to semi-custom and full custom. Customers will also select countertops, plumbing fixtures, and lighting.

The kitchen and bathroom design company wanted to increase sales leads by offering clients a kitchen visualizer that would help them start their design projects online and connect them to a Kiba Studios designer to finalize it in store. They chose 2020 Ideal Spaces as the platform for their online kitchen visualizer tool as it is both powerful and easy to use.

“2020 Ideal Spaces is an important lead generation tool for us,” says Director of Kiba Studios Jill Lombardo. “It helps us find and properly funnel prospects that are looking to undertake a kitchen remodel project by offering them an online visualization tool paired with a professional Kiba Studios designer that will make their dream kitchen a reality.”

With 2020 Ideal Spaces’ online consumer engagement solution, Kiba Studios is not only able to capture qualified leads, but Kiba’s unique system immediately responses to the lead by contacting the customer to fully qualify and start a project, before making an in-store appointment with a local design team member. This process not only captures the lead but allows the Kiba Studio showroom to continue the personal touch with the customer, add more products and close more sales.

“We are so pleased that Kiba Studios has chosen 2020 Ideal Spaces as a means to increase qualified leads coming from their website,” says 2020 Senior Director of Enterprise Client Sales Khalida Jarbou. “We hope their new kitchen visualizer will help inspire prospects to start their design journey online and eventually close the sale in store.”

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