Compusoft + 2020 Promotes Rachel Derix to Chief Professional Services Officer

Compusoft + 2020 promotes Rachel Derix to Chief Professional Services Officer

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Rachel’s reputation for operational excellence and extensive experience with transformative mergers fills a key position to meet company’s hyper-growth goals.

Rachel Derix

Compusoft + 2020 has announced the promotion and appointment of Rachel Derix to the position of Chief Professional Services Officer (CPSO). Rachel will lead the global professional services, ensuring top-level implementation for all enterprise customers and creating a unique customer experience that provides value and accelerates value realization.

Compusoft and 2020 merged in 2021, creating a global technology powerhouse that provides end-to-end solutions powering design, creation, sales, manufacturing, and services across the kitchen, bathroom, office, furniture, window, and door industries. This newly created position will contribute to the company's next level of growth and support our dedication to customer satisfaction.

“Rachel has a reputation for building leaders, not followers, and a history of putting her teams’ and clients’ best interests first,” said Joerg Jung, CEO. “Paired with her experience in professional services, delivery on a global scale, and extensive success in helping complete numerous mergers and supporting transformation teams with integrations, she is the ideal leader for this position.”

Since joining 2020 in May 2021, Rachel has been the Senior Director, Enterprise Services, building on her proven record of operational excellence in customer service and building enduring teams and cultures. She is well-known for her authentic and energetic leadership style in inspiring transformation and growth in organizations.

Since Rachel joined us, she completed 106 client projects across three regions and significantly improved on-time project delivery and team culture by eliminating silos between departments.

With more than 13 years of management experience, she provides strategic direction and day-to-day leadership, culminating in the successful implementation and installation of applications for customer accounts.

About Compusoft + 2020

Compusoft and 2020 were each established more than 30 years ago. Through their merger in 2021, they have brought together a wealth of industry experience to deliver greater value to their customers through an expanded portfolio of end-to-end solutions. Catering to designers, dealers, manufacturers and retailers, their business spans across the kitchen and bath, office, furniture, window and door industries. With 2,000+ employees and 70,000+ customers across 100+ countries, their combined global presence allows them to provide world-class support and sales with a local touch.

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