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What solutions do we offer?

2020 Design Live

2020 Design Live is an interior design software created specifically for design professionals in North America. It offers thousands of flexible products from manufacturer catalogs and stunning 3D renderings which provide the tools to plan and visualize kitchens, bathrooms, closets and more.

2020 Fusion Live

An interior design software that has been developed to specifically meet the needs of European designers who use stock products with a variety of defined styles and options. 2020 Fusion Live combines a smart user interface, cutting-edge technology, and a wide selection of manufacturers’ catalogs.

2020 Office

A combination of space-planning solutions to design, specify and visualize office and commercial spaces. With the combination of 2020 Cap or 2020 Cap Complete or 2020 Giza, 2020 Worksheet and 2020 Visual Impression, you can design, specify and visualize in one seamless workflow.

2020 Insight

2020 Insight is a manufacturing software that maximizes production processes by managing and automating workflows from design to order entry, manufacturing, inventory, purchasing and delivery stages.

2020 Ideal Spaces

A powerful web-based interior design solution. As a retailer, you can host 2020 Ideal Spaces on your website and provide customers with a cutting-edge portal to plan and purchase their next interior design project.