Where do I Start? A 3-Step Process for Applying at 2020.

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In recruitment, we are often asked the question, “Where do I start?” Job searching for many is like being lost in an amazon jungle and not being able to find your way out. People get quickly discouraged and start doubting their abilities after countless rejections or yet still, silence from the companies they are applying to. Some interview processes can be long and drawn out and candidates often feel they are left in the dark on the status of where they fall in the recruitment process.

Below are some tips on where you can start and finally what you can expect from an application process with 2020.

Step 1 : Know what YOU want to do.
Surprisingly a high number of candidates we’ve encountered along the way are not clear with what type of role they are looking for. In interviews, we often hear answers such as, “Anything within your firm that will allow me to grow” or “Whatever opportunities you feel suit my qualifications”. Different recruiters are assigned different positions and may not be aware of all the requirements for given positions so opportunities may be missed for the candidates. The best approach would be to consult our listing of open opportunities and select the ones you feel best suited for and apply directly on those positions.

Step 2 : Tailor your resume
Once you apply with us at 2020 a dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist reads your resume and then determines if you have the necessary skill set for the role we have open. Unfortunately, if your resume is not tailored to the opportunity, it could be passed up at that time around. Best advice, know what you want and make sure that your resume reflects the skills and qualifications of the role for which you’re applying.

Step 3 : Follow-up
We appreciate your interest in 2020 and every application is important to us. Unfortunately, we are not always in a position to reach out to every single applicant. Don’t be afraid to connect with us on LinkedIn, follow our company and join our 2020 community. We love building our network!

We realize job searching is not an easy process and this is why at 2020 we are committed to offering the most efficient application methods possible. No need to fill out multiple pages of personal information. One quick upload of your resume and hit send, that’s it, simple. A mobile-friendly interface allows for quick application anytime, anywhere!

Happy job hunting!

Tara de Jonge,
Global Talent Acquisition Manager, 2020

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