2020 Decorative Items

2020 Decorative Items Update

20202020 Content Studio, PCS

2020 Decorative Items

It’s been a little while since we’ve brought you some new decorative content, but this latest update has a ton of great stuff in it! We’ve added over 230 new items, and everything has been added by customer request. We have some more items in the pipe, but for the moment please check out some of these great newly added decorative items!

We’ve got dozens of new light fixtures, including modern and industrial styles, over 50 great new coffee tables, decorative shelf brackets, and new electrical switches & panels. And for those of you including closet spaces in your designs, we’ve added lots of new shoes and created grouped hanging and folded items to help you fill those spaces more quickly.


Check it out here and use the dropdown to filter for NEW!

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