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2020 Imagine Quarterly Newsletter February 2018

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2020 Imagine Quarterly Newsletter

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February 2018

2020 Imagine is a quarterly newsletter that provides news and tips to design professionals, manufacturers and retailers. Stay connected via the 2020 Community.

Professional News

2020 Design Free Webinar
2020 Design Best Practices Webinar

Our latest webinar will help you optimize your design speed, accuracy and sales results

2020 Design Halloween Contest Winners
2020 Design Contest Winners

Check out the renderings of our Halloween Design Madness contest winners!

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2020 Design Training
2020 Design Training Schedule

Find a class and maximize your investment by becoming a more knowledgeable & efficient user.

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2020 Office Free Webinar
Q&A Webinar

Our latest webinar answers questions submitted by office designers across North America.

Kara Treen - 2020 Office Customer Spotlight
2020 Office Customer Spotlight

“2020 Visual Impression gives life to all my projects!”
– Kara Treen

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2020 Office - 2018 Training
2018 Training Schedule

Sign up to any 2020 Office training class and get better acquainted with advanced features.

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Catalog Content

Manufacturing News

Industry 4.0
White Paper on Industry 4.0

Changing consumer requirements creates many challenges for furniture manufacturers. Discover how to overcome and thrive within the Industry.

Interlübke - 2020 Insight Customer Success
2020 Insight Customer Success

“We selected 2020 Insight a few years ago and would make this decision any time again.”

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ELKAY Wood Products Company
ELKAY Wood Products Company

Elkay Wood Products Company has selected 2020 Insight as their enterprise manufacturing software solution.

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Retail News

2020 Ideal Spaces Customer Success: BUT
BUT - 2020 Ideal Spaces Customer Success

The BUT brand has been working in partnership with the 2020 teams for nearly ten years and has recently invested in a new 3D space planning solution: 2020 Ideal Spaces.

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Partner News

Saberis Logo
New 2020 Integration Partner: Saberis (ERP Integration Tool)

Saberis is the developer of SaberisConnect, a cloud-based integration solution for the LBM industry. SaberisConnect lets you integrate all of your vendor quotation/order systems to your Point-of-Sale (POS) / ERP system.

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Laser Products Industries Logo
New 2020 Integration Partner: Laser Products (Digital Measuring Solution)

Laser Product’s LT 2D3D measuring solutions offer custom cabinetmakers and architectural millwork companies a new and invaluable tool for quickly and easily capturing complex 3D measurements like residential and commercials interiors, stairs, outdoor living spaces, building facades, and more.

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