6 General Contractor Apps That Will Boost Productivity

6 General Contractor Apps That Will Boost Productivity

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6 General Contractor Apps

If you’re a remodeler or contractor, you have at one point or another looked for ways to better manage your business and boost overall productivity. You’ve probably tried a few services and have implemented processes within your team, but there’s still something missing, right?

What if we told you there are specific general contractor apps that can help streamline your workflow? Apps that can help with project management, accounting, budgeting, and even ones that simplify client consultations.

Here’s a list of the top 6 general contractor apps that will increase efficiency and automate processes so you can focus on delivering quality products and services to your clients.

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magicplan makes creating floor plans a breeze. You can simply walk around a room and capture images with your electronic device. The app then analyzes the images you’ve captured and renders a floor plan for you – to scale. If you want 100% accuracy for all measurements, you can use a laser distance measurer and send the results to the Magicplan app.

magicplan works with Android and iOS devices, and it even has 2020 Design integration so you can easily import your floor plans and measurements and edit them with 2020 Design.

Let’s face it, post-its aren’t always the best way to keep track of things. If you’re running a remodeling or contracting business, you need a reliable app that will help you organize and manage your notes. Enter Evernote.

Not only can you store your own notes, you can also share them with your team so you can work collaboratively on the same projects. All notes, ideas, documents, links, and images can be stored in a communal folder so that everyone involved can access important information anytime, anywhere.

Fieldpulse is a strong contender among the general contractor apps. It allows you to schedule jobs for your team, plus you can add notes, photos and files so you keep your workers up to date on projects at all times. You can even use employee time tracking so you know exactly how much time your team spends on-site – all they need to do is clock in and out using their phones.

In terms of managing customer payments, you can create invoices using Fieldpulse and easily track the status of payments all in one place. You can also keep track of all your clients’ information, previous project history, specific notes, and more.

If you’re looking for a reliable accounting app for your remodeling business, QuickBooks is it. It will help you organize and keep track of all your transactions, and it’s equipped with an invoicing system that includes reminders, tracking, and direct deposit options.

QuickBooks also delivers detailed reporting so you understand exactly how your business is doing financially, and it allows multiple users to log in (for example your accountant) for seamless collaboration. Fun fact: you can sync your 2020 Design customer profile with QuickBooks to generate accurate invoices for your clients.

Working as a contractor means you constantly have to calculate and adjust measurements. To make things even more complicated, most measurements are in decimals or fractions. Whether you’re at your client’s house or at the office, you need an easy-to-use calculator so you can get accurate measurements – fast.

Handyman Calculator is one of the most useful general contractor apps for Android because it is equipped with various calculating tools, including a fraction calculator, cutlist calculator, square footage calculator, concrete calculator, plywood calculator, angle calculator, and much more. It has great reviews, and best of all, it’s free!


Do you often have to print and fill out business forms? What if you could create and fill out forms on your mobile device, hassle-free? GoCanvas lets you do just that. It replaces your paper forms with digital forms so you can keep them all in one, easy-to-access location (your phone!).

You can prepare invoices, work orders, checklists, and audits. You can even use the signature capture feature to get people to sign your forms on the go. GoCanvas simplifies and automates the process of form creation, saving you time and money.

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