6 Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions to Maximize Space

6 Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions to Maximize Space

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Bathroom storage

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, yet they require ample storage, especially for large families. It’s generally where people store their towels, toiletries, cleaning products, hair care products, and whatever else you might imagine, all of which need their own distinct space.

In this post, you’ll discover 6 clever bathroom storage solutions that will give your clients all the space they need to store their necessities.

Bathroom storage shelves

1. On the shelf

If bathroom storage space is at a premium, you can add open shelves to your design and utilize vertical space that might otherwise be wasted. High-level shelves can use the space above sinks, baths and toilets for storing towels and toiletries, and it can also be used to showcase decor pieces.

2. Vanity drawers

It is so much easier to find things when vanities have drawers vs. cabinet doors. Incorporating units with a selection of drawers is a convenient bathroom storage solution with a touch of luxury. It’s important the drawers pull out fully so the whole interior can be viewed, plus dividers allow for the contents to be organized neatly.
Bathroom storage drawers

Bathroom storage towel ladders

3. Towel ladders

Towel ladders are great for smaller bathrooms as they barely take up any floor space. Tall ones can support multiple towels, and there are even ones that come equipped with a shelf at the very top where toiletries and small decor items can be stored. The best part is they are fairly inexpensive and easy to install in any bathroom, making them a safe choice.

4. Modular systems

Using modular bathroom storage systems made up of different sized but coordinating pieces is a great way to create the perfect solution for your design, whatever the size and household requirements. They can be lined up or stacked and come in square and rectangular cubes which can be used either vertically or horizontally.
Bathroom storage modular systems

Bathroom storage hidden hooks

5. Hidden nooks

If the bathroom you are designing has stud walls to conceal cisterns and pipework, why not utilize this hidden space and turn it into bathroom storage? A cabinet set into a hidden space is a clever way to maximize every storage opportunity. If you pick a cabinet with a mirrored door, you can increase the light in the room and enhance the sense of space.

6. Radiators

A modern radiator that doubles as a towel rail is an easy way to add functional bathroom storage options to your design. Plus, they can make a design statement or create a focal point in a luxury bathroom, depending on the aesthetics of the ones you choose. Among the more unique radiator options are stone and glass, which are not only energy efficient, but also give scope for decorative artwork.
Bathroom storage radiator

Simple solutions

Adding bathroom storage isn't complicated. Bathroom design software with built-in manufacturer catalogs make it easy for interior designers to give homeowners exactly what they want.

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