Six Luxury Bathroom Design Elements

6 Luxury Bathroom Design Elements Every Designer Should Know

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Luxury bathroom design elements

Everyone loves a luxurious bathroom (second only to a luxurious kitchen). The spaciousness, the claw tubs, the materials, the lighting. There is just something about them that makes us feel inspired.

But what exactly makes a luxury bathroom? And how can you achieve that look and feel for your clients?

This post reveals 6 design elements that interior designers should consider when designing an elegant bathroom for their clients. Each element works cohesively with the other to deliver a beautiful, functional and lavish space.

6 luxury bathroom design elements (+ bonus feature)

Statement mirror

There is nothing like a gorgeous statement mirror to really bring a bathroom together. Think of a bathroom mirror as a work of art instead of an afterthought that is purely functional. A luxury bathroom deserves a big, bold mirror that will act as a focal point above the vanity.

Luxury mirror bathroom

Heated floors

If you’re planning on ripping out your client’s existing floor tiles, you might as well install heated floors during the remodel. This is a great touch that any client requesting a luxurious bathroom will appreciate. Heated floors help keep the entire bathroom nice and warm, which is especially useful after a shower or during winter months.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles

Tiles on tiles on tiles. Seriously. You can choose a tile that is fairly subtle – a 3x10” white metro tile will do – and have it installed floor-to-ceiling both in the shower and even on the vanity wall in a non-traditional pattern (e.g., herringbone or chevron – there is a difference!). If you really want to go all out, you can suggest marble or quartz walls, though this might be out of budget for some customers.

2020 Design rendering luxury bathroom
Designed by Nathalyn Hernandez using 2020 Design Live

Luxury materials for vanity

What’s even more luxurious than a vanity with a double sink? A vanity with a marble countertop. If your client prefers quartz because of its durability and easy maintenance, that works too. Either material will bring you one step closer to achieving an elegant bathroom look.

Freestanding tub and shower

No high-end bathroom is complete without a freestanding tub and separate shower. This creates a spa-like atmosphere, even if not many people use their tubs that often. But it’s a feature that has come to be expected in all luxurious bathrooms, and your client will no doubt request it. You can use bathroom design software to plan a layout that works best.

Luxurious marble bathroom

Shower niche

A useful feature you can include in your bathroom designs is a shower niche. You can’t expect your clients to line up their shampoo bottles and soaps on the shower floor in their newly remodeled bathroom. If you’re gutting the whole shower system anyway, don’t overlook this small detail that will be greatly appreciated.

Bonus feature - Skylight

We know this isn’t always possible, but how great would it be if you could install a skylight in your client’s bathroom? You can always bring it up with them and see if they have the budget for it. High-end clients might give you the green light, but if you don’t suggest it, you might pass up an opportunity to deliver a bathroom that truly stands out.

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