5 Built-in Kitchen Storage Ideas Your Clients Will Appreciate

5 Built-in Kitchen Storage Ideas Your Clients Will Appreciate

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5 Built-in Kitchen Storage Ideas Your Clients Will Appreciate

When you ask your clients what they are looking for in their kitchen remodel, storage is normally at the top of their list – and for good reason.

The kitchen houses many different types of utensils, cookware, serveware, drinkware, food supplies, oils, and spices. And if there isn’t enough kitchen storage for proper organization, cooking will become an unpleasant experience rather than an enjoyable time spent with the family.

In this article, we’re going to share five built-in kitchen storage ideas that will ensure your client’s happiness with their kitchen remodel.

5 Kitchen Storage Ideas Your Clients Will Love

Built-in drawer dividers
Photo via goodhousekeeping.com

1. Built-in drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are the easiest and most convenient way to offer your clients extra storage in their kitchen. Having a dedicated in-drawer knife block and utensil divider is an absolute must, but you can also give your clients a custom deep drawer divider for their platters, trays and casseroles. Stacking those items is less than ideal – the dividers help save space and make it easier to access cookware.

2. Slide-out cutting board

Who wouldn’t love a slide-out cutting board that can be easily stored away when not in use? You can have this built into the kitchen island or into a lower cabinet. You can even go one step further and choose a cutting board with a hole in it so your clients can discard organic waste into a compost bin placed in the drawer directly underneath.
Slide-out cutting board
Photo via laptrinhx.com

Hidden spice and oil rack
Image via visualhunt.com

3. Hidden spice and oil rack

Having to dig into the pantry to access spices and oils while cooking is a hassle. Offering your clients a hidden pull-out spice and oil rack will make their cooking process more seamless. Ideally, you’ll have a slim, vertical drawer built right beside the range so they can grab whatever they need without having to move away from the cooking area.

4. Bench with storage

One of the less popular kitchen storage ideas is a bench with storage for the kitchen table. Although less conventional than chairs, a banquette or bench with storage is a huge plus as it gives your clients unexpected, extra storage that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. They can use it to store cookware that isn’t used regularly, or they can use it for general storage.
Bench with storage

Kitchen island storage
Image via Houzz

5. Island drawers

A kitchen island is normally built with drawers only on one side – the working side. If the space allows for it, you can opt for a wider island with drawers on both sides. The drawers on the outer facing side don’t have to be as deep as all the other ones; just enough to store a few extra items. You can even include drawers on the sides of the island, or open shelving if your clients don’t mind displaying some of their kitchenware.

Adding built-in kitchen storage to your designs

If you’re using a kitchen design software to plan out your clients’ kitchen remodels, you can look for these kitchen storage ideas as they can sometimes be available as add-ons. You can go through them with your clients, pick their preferred ones, and include them in the design. They’ll then be added to the shopping list and you can place the order directly through the program.

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