14 Interior Design Collaboration Tools for Your Business

14 Interior Design Collaboration Tools for Your Business

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Interior design collaboration tools

Interior design collaboration can be a crucial part of delivering a successful project. Having your team’s as well as your client’s input from the beginning of the project all the way to the final design will ensure that all requirements are met. It can also save time and costs as changes are easier to make before the construction phase begins.

We are not suggesting ringing your client for every individual piece of furniture chosen or asking your teammates to sign off on every decision you make, but checking in with them at certain intervals during your design process might be beneficial for all parties involved.

In this post, you’ll discover 14 great tools that facilitate interior design collaboration between designers, colleagues and clients, including virtual meeting tools, 3D visualization software, file sharing, and more.

Interior design collaboration tools

Virtual meetings

Nothing beats a good in-person meeting, but they are not always practical, especially in the post-pandemic era. Whether you want to consult with your team about the placement of kitchen island lights or to discuss a bold pattern choice with your client, these virtual meeting tools will facilitate all communication necessary during an interior design project.

Zoom: Offers simple video conferencing and messaging across any device. It syncs with your calendar for a streamlined experience, ensuring you don’t miss scheduled meetings. Allows you to share your screen so all participants can view what you are working on or referring to during your meeting.

Skype: A good option for communication with clients. Offers video conferencing and messaging as well as screen sharing and recording.

GoToMeeting: Ideal for video conferencing with a remote workforce. Works on desktop and mobile devices, no download necessary. Offers state-of-the-art security for all online meetings.

FaceTime: Fast and easy way to connect with clients who have an iOS device (assuming you have one as well). Can be used for video calling instead of a regular phone call.

Teams: If your business uses Microsoft applications, Teams is an easy way to connect with your colleagues either by video calls, audio calls or chat. It offers screen sharing and recording options, as well as easy file sharing.

3D visualization and floor planning

If you’re an interior designer, you know how important it is to have a reliable 3D visualization and floor planning solution. Not only does it help you visualize and better plan out the space, it also helps your clients and colleagues understand what you want to accomplish and what the end-results are projected to look like.

3D visualization 2020 Design

2020 Design Live: An all-in-one interior design software solution that specializes in kitchens and bathrooms. Equipped with a powerful rendering engine that produces realistic 3D models that can be shared with clients through the nifty Live Share feature, offering real-time collaboration capabilities between designers and clients via a shared link. This feature saves time by eliminating lengthy in-person meetings and encourages quick decision-making, which leads to faster turnaround times.

2020 Fusion Live: A kitchen and bathroom design software that lets you create detailed floor plans, 360° panoramas, and 3D renderings that can also be shared with clients via the Live Share feature, ensuring a smooth interior design collaboration process.

File sharing

Dropbox: A cloud-based file sharing solution that helps you securely store and share your design files (photos, renderings, plans, CAD files, etc.) even if the recipient doesn’t have Dropbox.

Google Drive: Allows you to store, share and collaborate on files and folders from any mobile device, tablet, or computer. It also integrates with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, offering a seamless workflow.

OneDrive: Allows you to store all your files in the cloud and to collaborate with others via sharable links. You can work on your files offline, syncing once you reconnect to the Internet. Accessible on any smart device.

Box: Offers seamless collaboration between yourself, your colleagues and your clients. Allows you to securely save your files to the cloud and can be integrated with other apps such as Office 365, Adobe, DocuSign (good for interior design contracts), Slack, etc.

Project management software

2020 Manager: A browser-based project/business process management solution specifically designed for interior designers. Fully integrated with 2020 Design Live to offer a seamless workflow. Allows for project collaboration between team members through a central data hub and dashboard on the cloud. You can manage prospects, customers, designs, quotes, contracts, team activities, and other documents anytime, anywhere.

monday.com: Allows you to manage simple to complex projects all in one place. You can plan, organize and track your team’s work, encouraging transparency and collaboration between all members. You can create individual boards or shared boards, and you can view them in Kanban, calendar, timeline, Gantt, map, form, or workload views.

Asana: Lets you bring your team’s work together in one shared space with different views that suit your specific needs. You can organize and assign tasks and create shared boards so you can all collaborate and be on the same page.

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