Interior Designer Portfolios That Will Stand Out From the Competition

Interior Design Portfolio Tips for Kitchen, Bathroom & Office Designers

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Interior Designer Portfolios That Will Stand out from the Competition

If you’re in the residential or commercial design business, you know how important an interior design portfolio is.

Think of a portfolio as your resume. A portfolio of your past designs and successful projects will show potential clients your skills as a professional designer and will give them the confidence they need to sign you on.

But how will clients find your portfolio? And what’s the best way to show off your work?

This post includes creative ways an interior design portfolio can be presented to stand out from the competition and attract more leads.

Digital interior designer portfolio

First things first. You cannot run a successful design and remodeling business in this day and age without an online presence.

You need a well-designed website that includes all your contact information, your skills, your services, and of course, your digital interior design portfolio.

Your portfolio should showcase the work you are most proud of and that your clients have been satisfied with. Include your best designs and make sure they are visible and easily accessible on your website.

If you’re uncomfortable creating your own website and portfolio, you can hire a web graphic designer to do the work for you. Investing in a professional website can pay off in the long run.

Before and after pictures

Before and after pictures

Before and after pictures are a huge hit when it comes to digital portfolios. 

People enjoy seeing dramatic transformations (just like the ones showcased on home improvement shows), so offering them before and after images of your projects will work wonders for your business. 

Include as many of these as you can. Again, make sure you use your best ones and ones that are impressive. Showing before and after pictures side by side will do the trick.

3D renderings

3D renderings

If you’ve invested in an interior design software that has advanced features such as 3D renderings of your designs, you should use it to your advantage. 

Similar to before and after pictures, you can include 3D renderings alongside real designs to really wow potential clients. They’ll see the virtual design compared to the real design, and they’ll understand how much skill goes into your work. 

If you’re starting off in the industry and don’t have much to show in terms of projects, 3D renderings are a great way to fill your digital portfolio. You can create beautiful spaces and upload the renderings to your interior design portfolio so visitors still have something to see when they land on your website.

360 panoramic designs

360 panoramic designs

If you want to go one step further and really stand out from the competition, you can include 360 panoramic designs to your digital interior design portfolio. 

360 views are very impressive and allow your potential clients to see the full scope of your work. Plus, it will reassure them that if they sign on with you, you’ll provide a 360 view of their space too, allowing them to really picture what their future kitchen or bathroom will look like. 

You can even download 360 panoramas onto your phone and project them through VR goggles if a potential client books a consultation with you in person.

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