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New Releases and Updates to 2020 Design Catalogs – March 2017

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March 2017

We are pleased to announce the following NEW and UPDATED 2020 Design kitchen and bathroom design software catalogs from our 2020 Accredited Manufacturers. The Accredited Manufacturer logo shows your catalogs have been validated by 2020 Verification Services and your content meets the highest level of quality expected by users.

New and Updated 2020 Design Manufacturer Content Catalogues

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath Logo
NEW – ZLINE Kitchen and Bath

Zline makes eye catching designer range hoods. Their current 2020 Design catalog contains over 30 Wall, Island and Wood Range Hoods. Look for more Zline products to be added to the catalog in the next weeks.

Zline products can only be found on 2020 Cloud, a NEW, online streaming solution for accessing content directly within newer versions of 2020 software applications like 2020 Design v11.4. Designers access the catalogs that are on 2020 Cloud via a new interface in the design tools. The interface has filters and search tools to help designers find the items they need. Click here to sign up for the Community and to get 2020 Cloud access. Then start designing with Zline range hoods today!

Learn more about Zline Kitchen and Bath >>

2020 Cloud Logo
NEW – 2020 Decorative Items Catalog on 2020 Cloud

Did you know we have more than 1300 items in the 2020 Decorative Items Catalog from 2020 Cloud. And we recently added over 100 high quality products to help you add style, realism and personality to your designs: sofas, tables, beds, televisions and even staircases! Click here to sign up for the Community and to get 2020 Cloud access to begin adding decorative items to your designs today!

This catalog is available to all our desktop product customers through the 2020 Cloud browser in your product. This catalog index page lets you easily browse and search through all the catalog items to help you locate the one you need for your latest design. Don’t see what you are looking for? Go to the Suggestions Tab and send us your request.

Learn more about 2020 Decorative Items Catalog >>

Faber Logo
NEW – Faber Range Hoods

Faber, the global leader in kitchen ventilation, has been producing high-end kitchen range hoods since 1955 in Fabriano, Italy. For almost 60 years Faber has continued to manufacture with attention to detail, engineering excellence and fine European design. Beautiful, ergonomic and quiet, Faber Range Hoods deliver on their promise: to take the air in your kitchen and make your home more comfortable.

Log in to 2020.net and download the 2020 Design catalog for Faber Range Hood.

Learn more about Faber Range Hoods >>

Aline International Logo
NEW – Aline International

2020 is pleased to announce a new cabinet manufacturer, Aline International. The Aline International 2020 Design catalog can be found on the 2020.net. Aline International offers luxury kitchens at a competitive price point. They manufacture their cabinets in their factories and then sell factory direct to dealers, builders, remodelers, etc.

Their full product line available for immediate delivery from the company warehouse in Illinois ensures superior service and great customer satisfaction. Download the catalog and start designing with Aline International.

Learn more about Aline International >>

Electrolux Logo
UPDATE – Electrolux

Electrolux recently added black stainless steel refrigerators to their 2020 Design catalog on 2020.net. Black stainless steel is a new look for appliances and manufacturers say it resists fingerprints better than traditional stainless steel, which can be a big plus for some homeowners.

Learn more about Electrolux >>

Electrolux Panorama

Electrolux also added a glass door option on their fridges. This too can be found in their updated 2020 Design catalog on 2020.net.

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