NKBA: Joining an Association can Help Your Business

NKBA: How Being Part of an Association Can Help Your Business

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NKBA: How Being Part of an Association Can Help Your Business

If you’re a kitchen and bath designer or remodeler, being part of an association such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) can open many doors for you. They provide exclusive tools and resources for their members, making it easier for you to grow your business. 

Being an NKBA member not only allows you to utilize all their online services, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with fellow kitchen and bath designers. Building relationships with other designers will strengthen your understanding of the industry and will help you keep up with the latest trends. 

Here’s how being part of an association such as the NKBA can benefit your business.

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Networking events

Being an NKBA member means you get to attend its networking events. You get to meet other kitchen and bathroom professionals such as designers, remodelers, students, and manufacturers, and you’ll be part of a community that will encourage you to stay up to date on trends and give you more insight into the industry, both locally and internationally.  

The NKBA has many educational chapter meetings you can attend across the United States and Canada. Depending on which country, state, or province you’re from, you can find an event near you. Their calendar of events will keep you posted on any upcoming events in your area. 

Professional certifications

If you want to take your kitchen and bath design business to the next level, you should seriously think about getting an NKBA certification. They offer different professional levels of certification, including Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD), Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), Certified Bath Designer (CBD), Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD), and Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD). 

Being an NKBA-certified designer gives you a competitive edge over other designers, and it helps build trust among your clients. These certifications are internationally recognized, and they will offer you a thorough knowledge of residential design through standard examinations. 

CEU program

Once you receive your NKBA certification, you’re eligible for the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) program. If you want to remain certified, you must earn at least 2.0 CEUs (or 20 hours of education) every two years. If you do not complete the minimum requirements, you will unfortunately lose your NKBA certification. 

The CEU program is set in place to make sure all members are well educated and are kept up to date with current trends, changes in regulations, and industry news. CEUs can be acquired by participating in formal educational activities, workshops, seminars, training programs, conferences, short courses, and more. 

Consumer leads

If you become an NKBA member, you’ll be automatically listed in their search directory. This means any client who is looking for a qualified kitchen and bath designer can easily find you on a reputable and well-respected website.  

Clients navigating to the NKBA website will find the search bar right on the homepage and will be able to search for any member. Once they find you, they’ll be able to see your profile, including an image of you, your contact information, your portfolio, the services you offer, and your bio. 

Marketing tools

One of the perks of being a member of a leading kitchen and bath association is that you can use their brand to grow your business. They offer tools that help you create targeted consumer print advertising, and they have specialized NKBA logos you can use on your website and your social media channels. 

They also offer downloadable NKBA member logos, certified member logos, and student member logos you can display so that potential leads can clearly see that you’re part of a well-respected and trustworthy kitchen and bath association. 

Visit the National Kitchen and Bath Association website to learn more about how to become a member.

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