6 Tips for Kitchen Appliances

Six Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

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The latest kitchen appliances can easily be included in your kitchen designs with a few clicks of the mouse using 2020 Fusion software

Whether it be technological advances in cooking and food preservation or the love of freshly made coffee or perfectly chilled wine, the latest kitchen appliances can easily be included in your kitchen designs to meet your customers’ requirements.

Here are six of the latest must-have appliances

best kitchen appliances: hot water tap

1. Hot water tap

Hot water taps have become mainstream and are the must-have appliance for the kitchen. But with such a vast array of models now available, what should kitchen designers be recommending to maximize interior design sales? The answer – the three in one which provides hot, cold and steaming or boiling water. This clever kitchen hot water tap eliminates the need for multiple taps, streamlining the overall kitchen design. When recommending a kitchen hot water tap do ensure you consider child safety features as standard. Anti-scald locks and spring back valves which provide a spit free operation are a must.

best kitchen appliances: coffee maker

2. Coffee maker

The coffee market is now worth billions with an estimated 22,845 coffee shop outlets in the UK alone in 2016! So there are millions of coffee drinkers out there who want to make great tasting fresh coffee in their new kitchens and homes. A built-in coffee maker is one of the best kitchen appliances to include when planning a kitchen design and there are a wide variety available which can be selected from the range of appliance catalogues available in 2020 Fusion and 2020 Cloud

best kitchen appliances: wine cooler

3. Wine cooler

As consumers embrace the foodie culture there has been a corresponding increase in wine sales which means great potential for the sale of wine storage in the kitchen and the home. So, when laying out the space of your clients new kitchen and if there is room, a wine cooler or cabinet is a must-have kitchen appliance to integrate in your design. For customers that know their wine they will want a high end wine cabinet which are conditioning units protecting the wine from heat, light, vibration and humidity. But for the rest of us that want our wine merely chilled, an entry or mid-level wine chiller will do the job.

best kitchen appliances: cooktops

4. Induction hobs / cooktops

Induction hobs / cooktops are getting more and more sophisticated with some boasting multiple zones and the option to bridge two zones to make a larger cooking area. With built-in timers, auto power, stop and boost functions induction hobs / cooktops provide a sleek, easy-to-clean easy-to-control cooking option and one of the best kitchen appliances to include in your design.

best kitchen appliances: food preservation

5. Food preservation

As consumers become more and more focused with healthy eating there’s a desire to keep food fresher for longer. And that means kitchen appliance manufacturers have had to make kitchen appliances that are much more sophisticated when it comes to food preservation. There are now appliances available that have enhanced temperature and humidity controls, with cooling zones for specific food types, LED lights to replicate natural sunlight and air purification systems! Check out the wide range of fridges and freezers available in the catalogues with 2020 Fusion and 2020 Cloud

best kitchen appliances: quiet washing appliances

6. Quiet washing appliances

If your kitchen design incorporates washing machines and tumble dryers make sure you recommend appliances that have extra insulation and improved suspension that promise quiet operation and reduced vibration. If the dryer doesn’t list a decibel (db) rating, it’s probably too noisy. The same logic might apply to washing machines with high-speed spin cycles (more than 1,000 rpm). Check out kitchen appliances that have been awarded the Quiet Mark

Simple solutions

CAD kitchen planning software such as 2020 Fusion makes it simple for designers to quickly and easily include the latest kitchen appliances in Panorama and 3D views for new designs with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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