ergonomic kitchen

How to Design an Ergonomic Kitchen

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Kitchen ergonomics is an important new factor in designing a modern living space. There’s nothing quite as troublesome inside the home as a poorly designed kitchen. When learning how to design an ergonomic kitchen, the focus is on health and accessibility. Like the bathroom, aesthetic is not the only thing …

Lighting Design Tips

2020 Fusion Simple Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

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In the mood How you illuminate the bathroom and kitchen designs you create will have a huge impact on both the look and feel of your customer’s space. Get it right and lighting can bring the room to life, adding character, the right ambiance and that all important wow factor. …

2020 Fusion Exclusive Webinar Series

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Sign up today for this 2020 Fusion webinar series where you will learn all the latest tips and tricks for using 2020 Fusion. Webinar 1- Discover the Real Showroom Design showrooms are constantly evolving to reflect the ever-changing buying needs of customers. The goal of the showroom is to provide …

2020 Fusion: Six Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

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Whether it be technological advances in cooking and food preservation or the love of freshly made coffee or perfectly chilled wine, the latest kitchen appliances can easily be included in your kitchen designs to meet your customers’ requirements. Here are six of the latest must-have appliances 1. Hot water tap …

2020 Fusion: Six Tips for Adding Accessories to Your Designs

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Accessorising the kitchens and bathrooms you design can dramatically impact the look and feel of the space. Get it right, and accessories can bring the room to life—adding character, making it look realistic and giving it that all important ‘wow’ factor. Here are six tips for adding room accessories: 1. …