2020 Fusion: Six Heating Tips

Six Heating Tips

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One of the major considerations when putting together a kitchen design or bathroom design is how the room is going to be heated. Do your clients want discrete, unobtrusive heating that keeps the room at the perfect temperature whatever the weather or do they want something that makes a design ...
Six Tips for Designing Small Rooms

2020 Fusion: Six Tips for Designing Small Rooms

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Talking to homeowners it’s clear designers need to provide ingenious solutions for even the smallest of spaces. There’s a whole host of reasons why homeowners might need to utilize a small space. It could be they’re looking to add value to their home by creating an en-suite, they might need ...
Six Tips to a Bigger and Brighter Room

Six Tips to Make a Room Appear Bigger and Brighter

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Bathrooms and kitchens can come in all shapes and sizes, and the designer’s job can be challenging where space is tight and the light is limited. But with some careful planning, a few practical design tricks and the right products it is possible to make your designs appear bigger and ...
6 Tips for Kitchen Appliances

Six Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

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Whether it be technological advances in cooking and food preservation or the love of freshly made coffee or perfectly chilled wine, the latest kitchen appliances can easily be included in your kitchen designs to meet your customers’ requirements. Here are six of the latest must-have appliances 1. Hot water tap ...