Social Media for Interior Designers: 5 Ways to Show Off Your Designs

Social Media for Interior Designers: 5 Ways to Show Off Your Designs

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Social media for interior designers

To grab attention on social media, you need a strong visual appeal. Fortunately, for interior designers, that’s one element that should come naturally. Beautiful designs, 3D renderings and panoramas are your bread and butter. Alongside the right interior design hashtags, sharing those images can increase brand awareness, establish credibility and attract new customers.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve come up with five ways you can show off your work and increase your presence on interior design social media.

Social Media for Interior Designers: 5 Ways to Show Off Your Designs

1. Facebook

Kitchen panoramic picture

While younger generations may not be as eager to engage with the platform, Facebook is still the largest social media channel with almost two billion daily active users. We’re not saying you will attract billions of customers by following our advice, but there are many ways you can use Facebook to promote your work to an incredibly large audience.

  • Share all your designs: By sharing all your completed designs on Facebook, you’ll increase brand awareness and establish credibility. Think of Facebook as part of your online portfolio. You don’t have anything to lose: sharing images is easy, fast, and best of all – free!

  • Share 3D renderings: Even if you don’t have any real-life images, you can share your 3D renderings. It will show potential customers that you have skills and that you’re up to date with design technology.

  • Share 360 panoramas: If you’re a 2020 Design user, you’ll be happy to know you can upload your 360 renderings to your Facebook page. Once you share your 360 panoramas, your followers will be able to experience an immersive view of your designs. Talk about impressive!

  • Use interior design hashtags: Take a look at what other popular designers are using in terms of hashtags on their images and use those for your own posts. Lots of users look for content by searching via hashtags, and you don’t want to miss out. There are tons of hashtags for interior design being used, all you have to do is find the ones relevant to your content.

2. Pinterest

Sharing kitchen design on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform when it comes to social media for interior designers because it’s made for sharing visual content. You might think it’s only for DIY projects and inspiration boards, but it’s way more than that. You can use Pinterest to share your work because as an interior designer, you’ll have a repertoire of beautiful images.

Here are ways you can promote your designs on Pinterest:

  • Pin your designs: If you’re going to share your designs on Pinterest, you want to make sure you take vertical images and include a link to your website when sharing. The longer your image is, the more eye-catching it will be.

  • Create boards: If you have a Pinterest account, you’ll know by now that you need to create boards for different pins. You should at least have a board for your 3D renders and one for real-life images.

  • Use interior design keywords: Just like how you use interior design hashtags on Facebook, you need to include the proper keywords on all the designs you share through Pinterest otherwise they won’t show up in searches.

3. Instagram

Sharing kitchen design on instagram

Instagram is made for sharing photos and videos, so you should definitely be using it to show off your gorgeous designs. The key with Instagram is to be consistent: you want to post regularly, and you want to post the same type of content (i.e., interior design-related content).

  • 3D renders + real life photos: Since Instagram allows you to include multiple photos in a single post, you should take advantage of it. You can post an image of a 3D render followed by an image of the actual space so your followers can swipe between the two and see the 3D render come to life.

  • Before & after photos: This one is always a hit. Share before and after photos of the space you have designed so your followers can see what a great job you’ve done. If the transformation is impressive, you might get a client or two out of it!

  • Use hashtags for interior design: This one’s very important. You NEED to use proper hashtags, otherwise your posts won’t be seen by the right people. Use hashtags related to interior design (e.g., #interiordesign #kitchendesign…) so you show up in the hashtag search results. You can also tag manufacturers and paint companies whose products you’ve used in your designs.

Learn more about promoting your designs on Instagram here.

4. Twitter


This platform should mainly be used to connect with other interior designers and to follow design trends. But it doesn’t hurt to share your designs here, either. You don’t need to focus all your energy on Twitter, but if you have an account, why not share there, too?

  • Share your designs : If you’ve already prepared images to share on other social platforms, you can go ahead and share them on Twitter as well.

  • Converse with other designers: This is your chance to connect with other interior designers. Join in on conversations and share your thoughts on design-related topics. If there are articles you’d like to share about design trends, Twitter’s a great place to do it.

  • Use proper hashtags: Twitter, just like Instagram, is all about hashtagging. Use the proper hashtags for interior design so your posts show up in searches.

5. Houzz

Sharing designs on Houzz

If you’re a serious interior designer, you should be on Houzz, period. You can create a professional Houzz profile so that potential customers can easily find your business. You’ll be able to showcase your work, build a portfolio, have client reviews, and engage with the community.

  • Create a profile: The first thing you need to do is create a professional profile for your business so you can reach new clients. The basic Houzz pro account is free.

  • Build a portfolio: With a pro Houzz account, you can easily showcase all your 3D renders, real-life images, and before & after photos. This will help you attract new customers as they will be able to browse through your work. Plus, being on a professional website like Houzz makes you more credible and is reassuring for your potential clients.

  • Label your images: If you post images of your work, make sure you label them properly. If you’ve designed a farmhouse kitchen, you’re going to want to label it as such so that people can land on it when they run a search for farmhouse kitchens.

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