Reports needs more flexibilty

  • March 24, 2019 at 8:08 pm #230874
    Sandra Tierney

    I need to isolate individual catalogs when generating reports. If my design has multiple catalogs the Report will include all of those catalogs that have pricing. I need an option to only have the quote generated for one catalog. For example; I need to send in the cabinet Report>Quote (list) to the Ultracraft cabinet company, I do not want to have to spend the time removing the Kitchenaid appliance and Sensio lighting catalog. It seems it would be easy to add a switch to choose which catalogs to generate a specific Report for.
    Additionally, Reports needs to have an option to generate an item list sequenced in the order of the floorplan Legend. This will allow jobsite personnel to compare the item list with the floor plan easier…item #1 in the legend is the first item listed on the Report

  • March 25, 2019 at 9:58 am #230899
    Neil Wilson

    Hi Sandra,

    These are great ideas and I’ll make sure the product manager sees this post.

    In future, when you come up with ideas to help improve the software, please post them in the existing Wishlist post.  I know our product management team looks in on that post on a regular basis and it’s the best place to make sure someone who can make the changes sees your request. 🙂

    Thanks again for ideas.


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