Tech Tip: CAP Automation Center Won't Open

  • February 6, 2015 at 9:09 am #22450
    David Fearnow
    2020 Expert

    After a new Install of 2020 Commercial Software or a software patch do you have trouble opening the Automation Center?  The Automation Center (sometimes referred to as the Automation Palette) is normally launched by clicking on the rainbow colored asterisk on the CAP toolbars.  Sometimes after a new install or update it will seem as though the Automation Center will not open.

    If you experience this, it is most likely that the Automation Center is actually launching but that you are not able to view it as it may be scrunched up on the left hand side of your AutoCAD screen.  It will be easiest to proceed if you close the Cap Explorer (the Sun Dial icon).  If you click on the rainbow colored asterisk to open and close the Automation Center several times, you will see the small sliver of the Automation Center opening and closing just to the left of the drawing area in AutoCAD.

    When you are certain that the Automation Center is open, then you will want to slowly move your mouse to the left hand side of the screen just past the drawing area.  You will see your mouse turn into a two sided arrow.  Once this two sided arrow appears, you will be able to left click and then pull the Automation Center back out so that it is viewable.

  • April 24, 2018 at 1:09 pm #183319
    Lauren Bullard

    I have tried the tip suggested in your post and it does not work as stated. The double arrow that appears simply resizes my AutoCAD window. I have tried maximizing the CAD window as well, but the double headed arrow does not even show up then. I do get the sliver at the very edge of the window so it does *look* like the Automation palette open and closes. But it acts like it is part of the AutoCAD program. Please help.

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