Webinar: Five trends for designing learning spaces

Five trends for designing learning spaces

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2020 Office webinar: Discover 5 new learning trends

Educational Webinar

December 6, 2018 at 2 PM EDT

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Learning environments are rapidly changing as technology evolves. Furniture manufacturers pick up on these trends and shift their design processes to bring solutions that are functional as well as aesthetic.  

2020 is excited to welcome guest speaker Paola Moore, director of marketing at MooreCo. Join us for an exclusive webinar and uncover which of the top 5 trends influence learning today. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Collaboration - Is still the leader of the pack. Teachers group students together to promote communication and learning from one another. 
  • Movement - Gone are the days of sit still and stay focused. Movement has become a key component in assisting kids - particularly restless ones  to stay focused. 
  • The Residential Effect - Lounges and soft seating are part of the learning process. 
  • Privacy without boundaries - Because alienation doesn’t work, and integration does. 
  • Engagement - Eye contact, bold colors, and tools educators use to keep connected with their students. 

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Meet the Speaker:

Paola Moore

Paola Moore
Director of Marketing at MooreCo

Paola joined MooreCo in 2000 as a marketing specialist to later become their VP of Marketing until 2005. MooreCo is a recognized manufacturer and designer of school furnishings and visual communication products with global distribution logistics. Currently Paola is the director of marketing for MooreCo family of brands and an avid influencer in the product design process, following industry trends and throwing a splash of her love for fashion.

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