2020 Worksheet new features

2020 Worksheet new features

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[Webinar]Discover why we’re so excited about the new 2020 Worksheet The latest version of 2020 Worksheet will change the way you do business. The newest update to 2020 Office, version 2023, comes with so many new features and enhancements to 2020 Worksheet that it is, without a doubt, the best version yet. And we …

The power of cloud

The Power of Cloud

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[Webinar]Take Your Business to New Heights with Cyncly’s Cloud PlatformCyncly is thrilled to announce the release of our new cloud functionalities to the manufacturing market. With this groundbreaking technology, our clients and end-users will experience unparalleled flexibility and agility in their operations, enabling them to adapt quickly to changing market …

Webinar - Becoming a Virtual Designer

Becoming a Virtual Designer: Everything You Need to Know

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[Recorded Webinar]Becoming a Virtual DesignerThe world has been rapidly changing in recent years, and one of the most radical changes has been how evolved online services have become. The pandemic only increased this already massive growth and outlined how important socially distant services are to our lives. Most industries have …

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

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[On-demand Webinar]Smart Manufacturing SolutionsIt’s all about the data. Smart manufacturing solutions connect and communicate the right data to the right people and machines at the right time. Learn how smart manufacturing solutions work, and the benefits they can bring to your business.Request RecordingIn this webinar, you’ll see how smart manufacturing …

Webinar - How to say no

How to Say No

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[On-demand Webinar]Learn the importance of being able to say “No” and discover the techniques necessary to set clear boundaries in your business.This easy-to-digest, 15-minute, on-demand webinar will help you set the tone for all your client meetings. Use this valuable advice to avoid burnout and set the necessary boundaries to …

Webinar - 2020 Worksheet Cut Sheets

Introducing 2020 Worksheet Cut Sheets

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[Webinar]Save time with Cut Sheets in 2020 WorksheetWe have some exciting news to share about 2020 Office, the leading office design and specification suite of applications. As part of its latest update, we’ve made it even easier to specify, discount and quote through 2020 Worksheet.Request RecordingBid presentations and client signoffs can …

Invest in Yourself Webinar

Invest in yourself

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[On-demand Webinar]Discover how an investment in your business today can become the key to your success in the future. Understand the importance of investing in yourself and in your trade to help you set the cornerstones for unparalleled future growth. Discover the tools that Colin O’Neil uses that helps him …

Mastering Pricing for Your Designers

Mastering Pricing for Your Designers

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[On-demand Webinar] Mastering Pricing for Your DesignersWith the launch of our 2020 Cloud Pricing tool, you — the manufacturer — can supply up-to-date pricing to your dealers. This allows for flexibility within these market conditions and overall internal efficiency. Request a RecordingLearn how to react quickly to market realities, supply …

Discover the possibilities that 2020 Maker offers

Discover the NEW solution for cabinetmakers

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[Webinar]Discover the possibilities that 2020 Maker offers2020 Maker is an all-in-one solution created specifically to design, render and generate production information for kitchen, bath and closet manufacturers. It combines a design tool with a fully engineered product catalog, including optimization and CNC machine data. 2020 Maker streamlines project and customer management, …