Porta Selects 2020 Ideal Spaces for Online Room Planning

Press Release – Porta Selects 2020 Ideal Spaces for Online Room Planning

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German furniture retailer partners with 2020 to provide consumers the leading online space planning solution

Modern retailer websites need to stimulate, inspire and provide solutions without neglecting the foundations, such as correct price and product information. Since October, the Porta Group has taken the next step on its way to become a forward-looking omni-channel provider.

“We have opted for 2020 Ideal Spaces,” says Porta Managing Director Achim Fahrenkamp, “because we want to focus on the customers’ buying process and offer them a unique shopping experience on all channels.” With 2020 Ideal Spaces, the 3D, online space planning solution for interior design from 2020, Porta will give its customers the freedom to let their creativity run free and to create their dream living spaces. With just a few clicks, the user will be able to design a kitchen and use it as the basis for consultations in the store.

Achim Fahrenkamp added, “Nowadays information gathering and pre-selection mostly takes place online, but we have expe-rienced that for particularly expensive and long-lasting purchas-es –such as kitchens – consumers often want to more closely examine the products to see and feel the haptics, quality and variations in the shops. So to support the consumer buying ex-perience of researching online and purchasing offline, we want to provide them with the tools to make their decision-making easier.

2020 Ideal Spaces will be available in the coming months for 23 Porta and approximately 100 Boss stores on their respective websites. The two brands will be clearly separated—while Porta customers can combine higher-quality and more varied kitch-ens, Boss customers will be offered less complicated and less expensive options. “The buyer groups within the Porta Group are different and we want to take this into account with our of-fer,” says Fahrenkamp. Beginning in February customers will be able use the tool online and create their dream kitchen right in time for the new year.

Online space planning solution

An interactive picture gallery from 2020 Ideal Spaces opens up a whole range of possibilities for Porta customers.

Online space planning solution

The customer can assemble their kitchen and, through lifelike renderings and 3600 panoramas, get an exact idea of what their dream project will look like.

Online space planning solution

The integration of 2020 Ideal Spaces is implemented at Porta via the Internet as well as – at a later stage – via kiosk systems in the stores.

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