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Indiana Furniture: Running Specials with 2020 Insight Manufacturing Solutions

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For over 110 years, Indiana Furniture has been making quality furniture in the American heartland. Known for their customer service, reliability and quality products, they recently transformed their business to be able to respond quickly to consumer demands for special requests.

Indiana Furniture's Manufacturing Insight“Today, people want to buy furniture their way,” said Indiana Furniture’s President and CEO Bret Ackerman. “They want to choose their own colors, put a personal stamp on their office design. We do a lot of ‘specials’ as a result.”

To meet industry demand for “specials” while maintaining their expected high-quality service, Indiana Furniture selected 2020 Insight as their manufacturing solution. 2020 Insight is designed using object-oriented architecture, in contrast to most traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This means engineering teams work with flexible data models instead of static bills of materials, which reduces the engineering data setup. For example, they can update CNC machining instructions for an entire product line in a single day, as opposed to months.

With the new system, Indiana Furniture has been able to quickly handle their customer requests for “specials” with virtually unlimited possibilities for options such as different materials and colors. So “specials” now become standard!
Indiana Furniture is enjoying a smoother sales process that is completed more quickly as a result of streamlining their manufacturing with 2020 Insight. Automation of many of the manual processes, elimination of waste in their production processes and more cost efficient data maintenance are just of few of the benefits they are already realizing.
Their sales cycle has also been shortened in other ways. The new system allows for more detailed communications, faster order confirmation, streamlined processes around credit checks and improved visibility into key data for customer service and operation management.  Case Study : Indiana Furniture Invests in Overall Customer and Employee Experience with 2020 Insight Manufacturing Solutions

“Sales have become more efficient with emails that show exact details on orders. Our customer service has improved as well. Our shipping is much more efficient and more accurate with the new system,” said Ackerman. “We have far less re-entry of data, which makes everything run smoother,” he added. “What convinced us to partner with 2020 was the end-to-end concept that 2020 provides,” said Ackerman.

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