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Five Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles for Every Home

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5 kitchen cabinet door styles for every home

Kitchen cabinet doors are one of the most prominent features in a kitchen, especially a large one. Kitchen cabinets take up the majority of floor and wall space as they offer plenty of much-needed storage, which means they occupy a lot of visual space as well.

As such, it is important to choose kitchen cabinet door styles that truly complement the space you’re designing. You should also opt for the right hardware to bring out the beauty of the cabinets and to spruce up the look of the kitchen.

In this post, we showcase 5 popular kitchen cabinet door styles and the interior design styles each of them is best suited for.

5 kitchen cabinet door styles for every home

Shaker cabinet door style

1. Shaker cabinets

Arguably one of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles is the shaker cabinet. It’s characterized by its five flat pieces—a recessed center slab with four overlaying pieces that make up a frame. The shaker cabinet is a simple design and it’s extremely versatile as it can be used in a variety of kitchen styles. Its crisp, clean lines make it a favorite among kitchen designers and homeowners as they offer a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Compatible with: Modern, traditional, contemporary, and farmhouse kitchens

Raised panel kitchen cabinet doors

2. Raised panel cabinets

Unlike the shaker style cabinets, raised panel cabinet doors have a raised center slab paired with a grooved framework. These types of doors add depth and a multi-dimensional design element to a kitchen, emphasizing shadows with their textured profiles. Raised panel doors come in a variety of different framework styles, the most popular ones offering intricate, multi-tiered layering structures.

Compatible with: Traditional, rustic and transitional kitchens

Flat panel kitchen cabinet door style

3. Flat panel cabinets

Flat panel cabinet doors are most often used in contemporary/minimalist kitchens as they are void of any type of ornamentation or expensive detailing. This type of kitchen cabinet door can be the most budget-friendly option for clients who have a modest budget as they are easy to manufacture in both wood and laminate, the latter being the most affordable option and usually available in a variety of colors and sheens.

Compatible with: Contemporary, modern, and minimalist kitchens

Mullion kitchen cabinet door styles

4. Mullion cabinets

Mullion cabinets are normally constructed with two materials: wood (or laminate) and glass. It features a glass center panel framed with wooden panels. This type of kitchen cabinet door style is great if your client wants to show off their dinnerware sets and/or glassware—it’s a happy medium between open shelving and closed cabinetry. Mullion cabinet doors can be on the more expensive side, so it’s best to suggest it to clients who have the budget for it.

Compatible with: Traditional, modern and farmhouse kitchens

Beadboard kitchen cabinets
Image source: IKEA

5. Beadboard cabinets

Beadboard cabinet doors are usually popular in cottage-style homes. The center panel on this type of cabinet door is characterized by vertical panels stuck together and framed by an overlapping rectangular panel. This style mimics the beadboard panelling that was prevalent in traditional homes as a decorative wall treatment before plaster and drywall came along. If your client is interested in installing beadboard cabinets, it might be a good idea to remind them that maintaining them requires more work than other types of cabinet doors as these have many cracks and crevices.

Compatible with: Cottage-chic, modern farmhouse and traditional kitchens

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