Hottest Kitchen Design Trends 2022

Hottest Kitchen Design Trends 2022: 10 Trends to Look Out for

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kitchen design trends 2022

2022 is almost here, and that means it’s time for our yearly interior design trends report. In this kitchen trends edition, we’ll be covering everything from cabinets to hardware finishes to backsplashes to paint colors – and more.

We asked some of our most trusted interior designers who specialize in kitchen design to share what the latest and hottest interior design trends are, and what’s ahead for the new year. Below are all our findings and predictions for 2022.

Interior design kitchen trends 2022

1. Mesh cabinet doors

Mesh kitchen cabinet doors
A trend we will be seeing a lot of in 2022 are mesh cabinet doors in the kitchen and butler's pantry. These can be in the form of metal wire meshes (brass, stainless steel, etc.) for a vintage look or woven rattan for a more rustic/boho look.

2. Statement metal handles

Statement handles kitchen
Large statement handles are becoming more and more popular to add a bold flavor to kitchens. Rose gold hardware is disappearing, making way for more natural metal colors such as black, brass and yellow gold.

3. Double islands

Double kitchen island 2022
Image source: HGTV Canada
Mainly reserved for upscale projects, we are seeing more open-plan kitchens that feature double islands. This feature is a real eye-catcher and offers families a lot more surface area to work on and be seated at.

4. Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles kitchen trends 2022
Image source: Pinterest
Although matte tiles were “in” these past few years, we’re seeing the return of glossy and textured tiles for the backsplash. More specifically, the white subway tile is coming back (well, it never really left) with a glazed, textured twist – and in various sizes and layouts.

5. Natural wood accents

Natural wood accents kitchen
Wooden open shelves have been around for quite a while already, and they will continue to trend in 2022. We will also be seeing natural wood accents such as wooden countertops and wooden range hood covers in the coming year that contribute to an overall cozy kitchen feel.

6. Concealed appliances

Concealed appliances kitchen
Decluttering is not just for clothes, toys and TV manuals anymore. Kitchen trends 2022 call for the visual decluttering of large and small appliances, too. Refrigerators and dishwashers now have cover panels to blend in, and microwaves, coffee machines and toasters are hidden away in their own individual cubbies.

7. Earth tones

Earth tone kitchens
Earth tones have been very popular these past few years and will continue to be so in the new year. We’ll be seeing a lot of greens, browns and rusty oranges, as well as pale, wooden cabinetry in natural blond.

8. Eco-friendly light fixtures

eco-friendly kitchen pendant lights
The eco-friendly lighting trend implies using natural and renewable materials for kitchen island pendant lights. Some examples include oversized bamboo, rattan, wicker and/or wood pendants, materials that generally evoke feelings of warmth and comfort.

9. Multi-use nooks

Office nook kitchen
Image source: House Beautiful
Breakfast nooks and office nooks will be taking center stage in the kitchens of 2022 as people spend more time at home. Office nooks are being built into kitchens as a versatile addition for those who don’t have a dedicated home office space elsewhere in the house.

10. Semi-open floor plans

semi-open floor plan kitchen design trends 2022

One of the biggest kitchen design trends of 2022 is the semi-open floor plan. The fully open kitchen floor plan reigned supreme for quite a while, but more and more people are seeing the value of a (partially) closed off kitchen in the form of half walls and glass partitions – the best of both worlds.

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