Six Tips for Splashbacks

2020 Fusion: Six Tips for Splashbacks

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2020 Fusion: Six Tips for Splashbacks

Over the years, the splashback has come a long way. There was a time when its purpose was strictly functional. Its purpose was to protect kitchen walls from stains and splashes, and consisted of a tiled area, behind the hob and sink. These days however it is much more about making a design statement, the added benefit of which is to protect the walls.

Glass splashbacks continue to be a popular choice especially as they have become more affordable. Apart from being hygienic, they are easy to clean, heat-resistant and durable. Plus they come in a wide range of colours and are perfect for situations, where there is less light.

Here are six tips for kitchen and bathroom splashbacks

2020 Fusion: Six tips for kitchen splashbacks adding light

1. Light it up

Glass has many attributes to make it the ideal solution for a kitchen or bathroom. It has light-reflecting properties, helping to naturally bounce light around a room. And if you are creative with your lighting design, glass can help add depth and the illusion of space to a kitchen or bathroom, making even the smallest areas feel both lighter and bigger.
Use 2020 Fusion to try out different lighting options. It enables designers to add innovative, creative, yet energy efficient and cost-effective lighting with just a few clicks of the mouse, creating a more realistic and visually stunning design.

2020 Fusion: Six tips for kitchen splashbacks ultra modern

2. Ultra-modern

Glass has a sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic, instantly giving your design a sleek, ultra-modern look. It is ideal ffor adding a blast of accent colour to plain kitchen walls.
Available in every colour of the rainbow and most shades in between, there is a glass splashback to suit every kitchen design scheme from bold blue to sultry navy.

2020 Fusion: Six tips for kitchen splashbacks on trend

3. On trend

The beauty of glass is that it offers an unrivalled depth of colour whilst being extremely versatile. Metallic shades such as bronze or copper have a shimmering finish, perfect for catching the light. And with metallic being still very much on trend a glass splashback will give your design that all important must-have feel to make your client say yes!

2020 Fusion: Six tips for kitchen splashbacks hot stuff

4. Hot stuff

A durable, heat resistant and hygienic option, glass is also easy to clean and maintain which your clients will love. All it needs is a simple wipe with a damp cloth on a regular basis or a spray and wipe with an off-the-shelf glass cleaner. There are different variants of glass but toughened glass is the best option to use behind the hob. Toughened glass is extremely durable and can withstand high temperatures without the fear of it cracking.

2020 Fusion: Six tips for kitchen splashbacks smooth operator

5. Smooth operator

In order for a glass splashback to look its best and to ensure it stays put once installed it is import to consider the state of the walls before incorporating it into your design. The walls need to be flat and smooth to ensure the splashback sits flush on the wall and has maximum support. If the removal of the old kitchen means taking out old tiles or leaves a bumpy surface you will need to advise your client the job will involve re-plastering to achieve a seamless finish.

2020 Fusion: Six tips for kitchen splashbacks in the mood

6. In the mood

If your customer is looking for something to give their new kitchen design the wow factor or to be completely personal to them then a glass splashback could be the perfect solution. LED illuminated glass splashbacks can incorporate colour changing LEDs to change the mood of the kitchen at the touch of a button. They provide both task lighting and a full colour palette of mood lighting with static colours and programmable colour-changing scenes. Or for a personal touch you could incorporate a glass splashback with a digital printed image relevant to your client’s lifestyle or an image of their own. You can even use 2020 Fusion to illustrate how a bespoke splashback, personal to the household you are designing for, will look by incorporating digital images of the children or the family pet! What better way to make them feel a personal connection to the space and more likely to buy?

Simple solutions

Adding glass splashbacks to your designs and exploring the colour and lighting options isn’t complicated. CAD software such as 2020 Fusion, giving you access to AutoCAD, SketchUp and 2020 Cloud, makes it simple for designers to quickly and easily add splashbacks and change colours in 3D views to their customer’s existing designs or Panorama and 3D views for new designs with just a few clicks of the mouse, creating a more realistic and visually stunning design.

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