5 Ways You Can Expand Your Design Services

Care to Upsell? 5 Ways You Can Expand Your Design Services

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Upsell and expand interior design services

If you’re designing a client’s kitchen or bathroom and you don’t bother suggesting additional design work, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities that result in lost revenue.

Being an expert in your field, your clients expect you to provide suggestions that can add value to their home. Here are 5 ways you can expand your design services and increase profits by upselling to your existing clients.

1. Custom closet design

There is a lot of money to be made in designing and building custom closets for your clients. If you’re already tasked with designing an en suite bathroom and you notice they also have an outdated closet system, you can ask if they are interested in updating it at the same time. This closet design application can help you easily upsell custom closets.

2. Mudroom design

Suggesting a mudroom remodel or addition is a great way to upsell your design services, especially for upscale projects. You can use custom cabinetry and deep drawers to design a mudroom, bold wallpaper, sinks and faucets, and if your clients are dog owners, you can even suggest a custom washing station – a mini dog shower, if you will.

3. Laundry room design

If your client is already interested in remodeling their bathroom, it’s the perfect opportunity to inquire about their laundry room, too. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry can be used in laundry rooms to offer clients greater storage. Upper cabinets, lower cabinets, countertop, backsplash, sink, hardware, lighting, wallpaper – these will all contribute to increasing revenue for your business.

Laundry room design

4. Office nook

Designing a kitchen for a client who works from home? Why not suggest a built-in office nook? It won’t be that much more design work for you, but it’ll still increase your overall profit. If they don’t want to have an office nook in the kitchen, they might still want you to design a home office elsewhere in the house. By not bringing it up at all, you’ll miss out on the opportunity entirely.

5. Product upgrade

An easy way to upsell your project is to suggest higher-end products. For example, you can give your clients the option between MDF or hardwood cabinetry, standard hardware or luxury hardware, a standard refrigerator or a smart refrigerator with fun (and useful) features, a run-of-the-mill faucet or a touch faucet, etc. Check out this article on designing a high technology kitchen for more info.

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