How to Design a Modern Home Office

How to Design a Modern Home Office

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So many people are working from home these days, designers may find themselves wondering how to design a modern home office.

The home office may appear in many different forms and layouts. Homeowners want to create a practical, comfortable and chic work environment to fit their needs in the space available. Whether it’s a spare room, the living room, or the bedroom; there will need to be an easily organized workspace to maximize productivity.

Designing a functional, modern home office requires careful planning to get that lovely balance between trendy and efficient. The end result should reflect the style and comfort of the home as well as the practicality of a professional workplace.

Here are some essential tips for designing the home office of your client’s dreams.

Placement Makes Perfect

placement makes perfect

The most obvious place for a home office is in a spare room. Upstairs or downstairs, your client will want some privacy for their workspace. A spare room allows for a closed door, which can be crucial in a shared or family home. An empty room allows for more office furniture, with desks and chairs geared specifically toward comfort and productivity.

The kitchen countertop or the breakfast bar is often a go-to solution for an impromptu home office. If a client’s kitchen is large enough, a more permanent situation may be possible. Unused storage can be converted into workstations. Keep the desk close to the wall and make sure to keep the kitchen workspace out of the path of normal kitchen activities.

The living room can work well for clients who thrive in a busier work environment. As with the kitchen, keeping the workspace as close to the wall as possible will allow the room to serve both functions. There are some amazing stowable desks and other furnishings available for this purpose.

The bedroom may work well for certain clients, though it’s nice to leave this area separate for personal relaxation. If a bedroom office is desired, keep it small and keep it discreet.

Keep It Simple

simple home office

We love minimalism in a modern home office. There will be plenty of things to keep organized, so leave the furnishings simple to reduce clutter. Shelf space should be designated for fixed purposes; printers, fax machines, copy paper, files, books and any other items that might take up precious desk space.

Ideally, a home office desk surface should only have a few permanent residents, such as the computer and a working lamp. This will leave enough room for a productive, clutter-free work surface.

Light and Breezy

light and air in the home office

Lighting is incredibly important when it comes to productivity. Aside from good overhead lighting and desk lighting, placing a home workspace at a window will provide great natural light during the day. A nice view will also help to create a happy and serene environment for your client.

Being able to open up the window for some fresh air can do wonders when it comes to getting through the workday. Plant life is also a perfect addition to the work area. Green plants reduce stress and produce oxygen while giving a lovely splash of color.

Let's Get Connected

office connectivity

Connectivity is key to a successful remote workspace. A modern home office should always have a strong signal to allow the client to work efficiently and effectively. To achieve this, always consider the location of the Wi-Fi router. If the office will be on the other end of the house or on a different floor, talk to your client about using a Wi-Fi extender or the possibility of an additional router.

Sitting Pretty

home office chair

Last, but certainly never least. A comfortable chair, which matches the style and tone of the rest of the house, will make all the difference in the home office. Ergonomic home office chairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The comfort and health of the user comes first when choosing an office chair, but there’s no reason it can’t add a little flair or substance to the room.

You can also incorporate standing options or kneeling chairs for a back-friendly work desk. Just like in the kitchen, another residential work area, ergonomics is a key component to consider in the design stage. Always choose furniture with wellness in mind when it comes to the home office.

2020 is always looking for ways to help you wow your clients and deliver the dream spaces they’ve been waiting for. Our catalogs are full of amazing furnishings for creating truly modern home offices, as well as all the decorative items to really go the extra mile. If you haven’t seen what you can do with 2020’s professional interior design solutions, have a look today.

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