The Hottest 2019 Kitchen Trends to Look out for

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Hottest kitchen trends 2019

The kitchen is the hub of any home. It’s where families and friends gather to cook and share meals together. It is a very high-traffic space and it generally influences the design of the rest of the house, especially if the home has an open plan layout. Whatever colors and materials are used in the kitchen normally set the tone for other areas that are adjacent to it, for example the dining and living areas. 

In this article, we’ve gathered all the hottest 2019 kitchen trends to look out for so you can present new, contemporary ideas to your clients in the upcoming year.

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Kitchen color trends

Kitchen color trends

(Image by Sherwin Williams)

Sherwin Williams announced that the 2019 color of the year is Cavern Clay, which is a warm and inviting color that can be used in any part of the home. Using it as an accent color in the kitchen adds an organic touch to it. Check out the Sherwin Williams 2019 color forecast for a full list of all color trends. Sherwin Williams colors are also available for use in 2020 Design. 

Here are the 2019 kitchen trends in terms of colors 

  • Organic/natural colors 
  • Muddy blue 
  • Burnt orange 
  • Dark brown 
  • Dark grey
  • Black

Kitchen cabinetry trends

Kitchen cabinetry trends

More and more homeowners are looking for innovative storage solutions for their kitchens. They want to declutter their countertops, which is where cabinets and drawers come into play.  

Here are the 2019 kitchen trends in terms of cabinetry: 

  • Wide & deep drawers 
  • Rustic woods (walnut, oak, cherry, ash, elm) 
  • Laminates 
  • Pull-outs 
  • Roll out trays 
  • Pantries 
  • Simple detailing 
  • Cut-out handles 
  • Handleless cabinets 
  • Fewer upper cabinets (open shelving)

Kitchen material trends

Kitchen material trends

Although quartz and hardwood flooring are still dominant materials in modern kitchens, there are different materials being introduced for countertops, floors, and backsplashes. 

Here are the 2019 kitchen trends in terms of materials:  

  • Terrazzo surfaces
  • High contrasting marble 
  • Subway tiles (a classic!) 
  • Highly patterned tiles (Spanish & Moroccan) 
  • Copper & gold accents 
  • Concrete

Kitchen appliance trends

Kitchen appliance trends

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned stainless steel kitchen appliances. Well, not goodbye forever, but 2019 has a whole slew of new kitchen appliance trends that will give you more options than ever before. 

Here are the 2019 kitchen trends in terms of appliances: 

  • Dark matte appliances (black stainless steel) 
  • Sous vide cooking features 
  • Vacuuming drawers 
  • Tall column refrigerators 
  • Glass door refrigerators 
  • Induction cooktops 
  • Handleless/hidden appliances 
  • Touch controls 
  • Retro appliances (think Smeg and Elmira Stove Works)

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