[eBook] Generating highly qualified leads with online visualization

[eBook] Generating highly qualified leads with online visualization

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[eBook] Generating highly qualified leads with online visualization

Today’s homeowners come to the table equipped with ideas, inspiration, needs and wants. But there’s a disconnect between what customers want and what will actually work within their spaces and budget.

The eBook will cover how to help homeowners design their dream space while generating highly qualified leads for your business in the process.

It includes:

  • The buying behaviors of 21st century homeowners
  • Best practices for lead generation
  • Features and advantages of online visualization
  • And more!
[eBook] Generating Highly Qualified Leads with Online Visualization

Sneak peek: Types of homeowners

Here are three types of 21st-century homeowners:

  1. Do-It-Yourself-ers (DIY)
  2. Do-It-With-Me-ers (DIWM)
  3. Do-It-For-Me-ers (DIFM)

DIY-ers see something from their favorite home interior design show and imagine how they might transform their current space. They don’t need you to tell them what they want because part of the adventure is designing it themselves.

Not everyone, though, has an eye for design. Some homeowners might have an idea of what they like but need a little help configuring their space while still retaining some ownership of the process. They need an experienced professional to guide them through the challenges of planning and executing their vision. They’re the DIWM-ers.

Others possess no design-savvy at all. They’re the DIFM folks. They would prefer you, with your expertise, lead them toward a state of complete feng shui—the yin and yang of home and home dweller—the fulfillment of their home’s self-actualization.

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