[eBook] Delivering an omnichannel buying experience

[eBook] Delivering an omnichannel buying experience

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[eBook] Delivering an omnichannel buying experience

One of the major challenges retailers face when selling home redesign products and services is they have no way of showing consumers a physical representation of their project or their eventual purchases.

Uncertainty can cause many buyers to delay contract signing, or to not sign at all. Consumers can quickly get stuck in an endless decision loop trying to visualize all the possible combinations – changing one item can mean re-evaluating every other selection. Many customers come away from the process frustrated or disappointed.

Retailers may not have enough staff to handle all shoppers during peak periods, leading to long in-store wait times. In-store designers may work only by appointment, leading to lost opportunities with casual shoppers and walk-through traffic.

The process can take too long as the customer and designer try to work together toward a final layout, causing the designer to ignore other prospects or for the customer to become uninterested. Staff get bogged down on low value tasks at the wrong point in the sales process, creating further wait times.

The final result can be over budget or items can be out of stock, leading to customer frustration and loss of sales. Customers have plenty of time between visits to change their minds, because they have no way of trying out different combinations and explore in their own time.

This eBook explains how to deliver an omnichannel buying experience to your clients.

It includes:

  • Digital planning solutions
  • Social media impact
  • Role of manufacturers
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Electronic catalogs
  • And more
Delivering an omnichannel buying experience ebook

Sneak peek – The omnichannel buying experience

Digital media and retailers

Upgrading a kitchen or bathroom can be one of the most important and expensive projects a consumer undertakes in his or her lifetime. The average price of a kitchen upgrade in North America is roughly $25,000 and can surpass $120,000 for larger, more upscale residences. In Europe, where kitchens are typically smaller, costs start as low as €1,000 and can surpass €100,000, with an average price tag of €8,000.

In recent years, the kitchen has transitioned from a strictly utilitarian space into an integral area of the home where homeowners spend a great deal of time. Ensuring that this space provides the right mood, utility, comfort, and style can be a challenge, given all the products and combinations available today.

Knowing all of this, one might expect that retailers would ensure a fun, speedy, and painless process for the delivery of their customers’ next dream space. However, many large retailers struggle to satisfy their target audience in this domain, and many homeowners still come away from the process disappointed.

Download the full eBook for more information on how to deliver an omnichannel buying experience to your customers.

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