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Five ways an online kitchen visualizer can help convert more leads

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If you’re a kitchen retailer looking to expand your business and convert more leads, there’s no better way than to offer your customers an interactive online shopping experience.

Consumers are looking to start their buying journey online even before walking into a store so they can be better prepared for the decisions that lie ahead. But simply offering your product catalog online isn’t enough.

You want to stand out from the competition to convince your leads to move forward with their purchase. An online kitchen visualizer will help you get there.

What is an online kitchen visualizer?

Let’s start off by explaining what exactly an online kitchen visualizer is. Essentially, it is a kitchen planning program that runs directly on your website. It allows visitors to build out their dream kitchen using your product catalogs, helping them better understand what the finished project will look like.

If you’re thinking about including this feature on your website, you can partner with 2020 to implement and launch your custom kitchen visualizer powered by 2020 Ideal Spaces. It can be available both on your website and in your store, and it’ll help connect leads with trained professionals to close the sale.

5 ways an online kitchen visualizer can help convert more leads

1. Reach a wider audience

By offering an online kitchen planner on your website, you will be reaching a wider audience. More specifically, you’ll be targeting modern buyers who prefer a more “Do-It-Yourself (DIY)” or “Do-It-With-Me (DIWM)” approach. These types of buyers may not otherwise consider your company as they are more comfortable starting or undertaking their home renovation projects themselves even before stepping foot in your store.

2. Engage website visitors

Showcasing your kitchen catalogs and virtual showroom on your website is one thing, but an online kitchen visualization tool is a whole other experience. It’s a great way to keep leads engaged and to help them browse all your product offerings. An engaged visitor will stay on your website for longer, increasing your chances of converting them into customers.

3. Offer a seamless experience

Implementing a kitchen visualizer will give you a chance to offer your customers a seamless experience between your online offering and in-store services. This, in turn, will help you convert more leads as the transition will be optimized to make the process as painless as possible. A functionality that connects users to in-store designers and sales professionals through the visualizer is an important step toward closing the sale.

4. Capture qualified leads

Capturing leads for your kitchen business is a great start, but capturing qualified leads is what will help you get more sales. Users who aren’t qualified will not bother wasting time building out their kitchen project on your website. Only those who are genuinely interested in your products and services will take the time to use your kitchen visualization tool, which makes it an asset for capturing—and converting—high-quality leads.

5. Shorten sales cycle

An online kitchen building tool will help your business shorten the sales cycle by giving your customers the freedom to independently explore their options and visualize their space. Instead of spending time convincing leads that your kitchens are fabulous, sales professionals and designers can focus on converting leads who have already made up their minds but who need an extra push in the right direction.

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